Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cairo Caravan Now Hiring

The storefront for the "Cairo Caravan Restaurant and Lounge" is looking very 3-D and exotic these days.  It's in the old Wild Pug storefront on Broadway, just north of Lawrence.  Looks like we will be experiencing "international food, live entertainment, special events, open late night, and high quality fresh food at reasonable prices" before too long.

If you've got restaurant experience and need a job, you can apply today, according to the sign in the window:

Update: A commenter tells us the new name of the restaurant is "Caravan." Which is also a good name, but we liked that "Cairo" paid homage to a previous Uptown restaurant, Cairo Supper Club, that was located at the site currently occupied by Nick's Uptown on Sheridan.


  1. Cairo is no longer the name. The new name is Caravan.

  2. Sorry, I'm not loving the new facade. I hope the food makes up for it.

  3. Let's give em a shot before we hate on em too much! I can't say the facade is my cup of tea, but I am all for more business at Lawrence and Broadway!

  4. As I've heard in Uptown, "holla!", international cuisine, YES! live entertainment (hopefully world music in nature) YES! Open Late, Yes Yes YES!! If the menu, entertainment and vibe match the awesomeness of the facade, I might just be signing over pay checks to them..

    On another note, anyone try Urban Vegan yet on Montrose/Ashland? Reviews?