Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beach Blanket Bingo, Circa 1960s

While Chicago swelters (and our beaches are closed by ... fog?), the Tribune has taken a look through its photo files for summers and sand from bygone decades.  Below are two photos taken at Foster Avenue Beach.
1961. We kind of love the family at the front of the photo, who came to the beach with two full baby prams, a granny cart and a set of beach chairs.

1964.  Note that Uptowners had a view of the fabled Edgewater Beach Hotel, which was torn down in 1967.


  1. Love the photos!

    One thing though, the 1964 image showing the skyline view shows the Edgewater Beach Apartments (aka "the Pink Building") which is still standing, not the Edgewater Beach Hotel & Resort which was further south where The Breakers, Park Tower and Edgewater Plaza Condominiums now stand.

  2. I was going to say that, QRBNST.

    The Edgewater Beach Hotel & Resort encompassed most of the east side of Sheridan just north of Foster up to the Edgewater Beach Apartments at Bryn Mawr.

    The view in the second photo is looking northwest from Foster Beach towards Bryn Mawr.

  3. Thanks for the clarification, NC and QR. All this time, I thought the Edgewater Beach was north of Bryn Mawr. Appreciate your knowledge. Apparently my father lived just across the street from it (across from where Dominicks is now) and never bothered to mention it.

  4. CN --

    Here's a perspective you might enjoy. The third picture down in the post shows how you could see the Edgewater Beach Hotel while standing at the intersection of Sheridan and Argyle:

    Sheridan and Argyle.

  5. The second photo shows 5601 N Sheridan "The Statesman" designed by architect Milton Schwartz and completed in 1963. It's the building just to the right of the Edgewater Beach Apts.