Friday, June 10, 2011

"We Cannot Go Forward With This Project As Presented"

From Ald. Cappleman's office:

"Montrose Clarendon Park TIF Proposal Report
  Report on June 7, 2011 Community Meeting
  Clarendon Park Field House

A community meeting was held last Tuesday to allow community residents to hear from Sedgwick Properties and neighborhood representatives about the Montrose/Clarendon TIF proposal. Over 700 residents attended and 547 people who live within the boundaries of 2 affected neighborhood organizations weighed in on the proposal by casting their vote.

A special thanks to Jay Feeley from Sedgwick Properties who provided information about this proposed development to the audience, and neighborhood residents Janis Tiffin, Tim Harris, John Wyman, and Bill Petty who presented arguments on why they believe this development should not be supported.

The outcome of the voting is as follows:
  • 488 voted to not support the project. (89%)
  • 27 voted yes to support the project. (5%)
  • 32 voted yes to support the project, but with stipulations. (6%)
The primary stipulations related to the need to lower the height of the development, reduce the number of dwelling units, obtain more market research for the retail, and the use of TIF funds for property along the lakefront.

Uptown United's lack of support for this project due to its density and concern that the proposed retail might divert foot traffic from the targeted retail corridors in the Uptown area also influenced this decision.

Given the input from the community and Uptown United, it's clear to me that we cannot go forward with this project as presented. Sedgwick Properties has requested a meeting with a representative from Uptown United, some concerned neighbors, and community planning experts from the community to explore other possible plan modifications that reflect community input.

As more details emerge, you have my commitment that I will keep you updated. Thanks again to everyone who has participated with their needed feedback."

Update: The Tribune's Blair Kamin covered the story.


  1. Pretty clear no one trusts TIF's anymore. Can thank Helen and Daley for that.

    Tear down the current structure and make it vacant land for awhile. Take away crack paradise.

  2. Thanks for everyone who came out to vote. Makes you wonder what the % would have been on the Wilson Yard during its various iterations as presented to the neighbors.

    I'm curious to see where this goes moving forward.

  3. I'm seriously impressed with Cappleman's e-mail. It appears as though he is the master of representation and compromise.

  4. The future is hard to see it is.

    It's also difficult for me to envision any realistic way TIF money will be directly used for this development.

    Now ze nuns and ze developer or future developer can start concentrating on the property being sold and something being built without TIF money.

    I really doubt that building the grocery and gym is feasible without TIF money. As my Irish ancestors would say "C'est la vie".

    Realism needs to be brought into this discussion and planning process. Ain't gonna be no TIF money.

  5. For the love of all that is holey, what does James think he is doing? Facts? Input? You are supposed to lie to us for months on end and then cram through whatever project you want that will benefit you the most.

    He don't know nothin about being no alderman. =] Sorry, just dealing with some culture shock.

  6. Wowzers! I knew, judging by the demeanor of the crowd at the meeting, that the vote would probably go no. However, that's an overwhelming NO. I think Sedgewick did a terrible job presenting their case. There are positives and negatives to this and probably any development. I say no TIFs. At least, not to one like this.

  7. It looks perfectly clear to me that the residents have spoken. I also say thanks to our Alderman that took sides with the people that put him in office. The boarded up windows and dead trees and weeds that now cover the area makes this structure unsightly, unsafe and a magnet for gangs and drug users that I see and hear hanging around it nighly.

  8. I'm so glad the vote results were what they are and Cappleman has listened to us.

    @Wiseguy None of us want the hobo camps and druggies housing up there, but unless the community starts putting pressure on the Nuns, nothing will happen. We need them to sign complaints against the people tresspassing on their property because it is private property. This is the same problem that occurs with the stipmall on Wilson, the owners or occupants have to sign the complaints for the police to be able to do anything about it. However, saying that, there are ways that the community and city can force the nuns hands but ticketing them in other ways such as for not upkeeping the property and others.

    I'm willing to bet not one person who voted no wants it to remain the empty useless shell that it is. We all want it to be a boon to the neighborhood, bringing commerce and hopefully a hotel and yes some housing, but that Sedgwick proposal was a disaster and if you lived within a block of it, you'd know the true ramifications.

  9. Also in Crain's:

  10. How about we do a cleaning of the property just like the different blocks have done? Pick a Saturday morning I'll bring the donuts and coffee.

    Who's with me?

  11. Bulldoze a ten block radius and make it a park.

    All the better.

  12. @Just Asking - I think that's a great idea. Where/how will you coordinate and organize?

  13. Jeff,

    I've brought the idea up to someone who is on the committee that presented at the meeting last week. He is going to bring it to them and get back to me. I'll be posting it on the Neighbors Against Lakeview Station Facebook page if it happens. Since it is private property, the idea may not fly with the sisters, who would probably like it to look as run down as possible.

  14. Solid piece in the reader, mostly because it concentrates on the real issue (the TIF) and doesn't get bogged down with the silly density complaints.