Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sign Says It All

Today's the first day... goes through the fall.


  1. Farmer's Market - GOOD
    Hours - BAD
    Location - "comme ci, comme ca"

    Larry's Dream: A Farmer's Market on Saturday morning in the Bridgeview Bank Lot at Broadway & Clifton. Someday.

  2. The hours render this useless to a large chunk of potential customers. The location is meh.

  3. Yes, the hours stink. Luckily, my neighbor works evenings and is nice enough to pick items up for me. Happy to have the Farmers Market back. Woohoo to sweet corn and fresh veggies!

  4. There were three vendors when I stopped by last week...were they rogues? The banner was up on the fence along Clarendon.

  5. No one's in Uptown at 7am? I stopped on my way to the South Side this morning and bought a bag of good stuff. Set your alarm 15 minutes early. I am grateful to have a farmer's market at all. Everyone who's bitching... remember the three years when we had one vendor at our farmer's market -- who sold baked goods... and the many years before that when we had no farmers market at all? An attitude of gratitude might be nice. I'm so tired of hearing complaints when Uptown makes progress because it's not absolutely perfect. "Here's a free car!" "Well, it doesn't have leather seats... I don't like the color... I prefer stick shift... I HATE this free car." Work on showing that Uptown can be a profitable location for these farmers and vendors and that's how you get the more desirable time slots next year.

  6. I am going to try to show my gratitude in one hour, with cash.

  7. The hours are standard for a farmer's market. It's not a late afternoon/early evening activity anywhere. It's just too bad they aren't open on the weekends.

  8. There are a lot of people who work at Weiss who frequent this.

    It may start out small but that is because many fruits and vegetables are in season in the later summer and early fall.

  9. And thank you UptownUpdate for promoting this.

    All of the criticisms a valid. Top 3 challenges:

    1. Need more vendors
    2. Weekday morning inconvenient for many if not most.
    3. Location not central enough.

    There is a lot going for us in Uptown however for having a successful market in not too distant future.

    The new Alderman James is on board, high-density population, and the LINK program coming soon among others. It's been extra paperwork and process for LINK because this is a "private" farmers market, not a city-run market or a corner bodega for that matter.

    It is lookin' good, we have the little market that can!

  10. Bread, fruit, cheese, eggs, meat this week. More fruit and veggies coming in the future. I think having the LINK program in place will make a big difference. It has at other markets in the city. I think this market will grow.

  11. Love that we had a farmer's market.

    Hated that there were only 4 vendors. A bread stand, a cheese stand, a stand only selling underdeveloped strawberries, and a meat/egg stand (where I only saw one carton of eggs on display, and decided not to bother). Oh and I-go was there too. As much as I love I-go, I can't eat my rental car, so I wasn't all too excited to have them there.

    Although my husband was set on going to the Andersonville Farmer's market the day before, I convinced him that we needed to wait for the Uptown one, cause it'll be just as good, and we live in Uptown and wanted to support the local goings-ons. What a disappointment! PLUS, I had to eat my words.

    Guess I'll be off to the Andersonville one next week.