Sunday, June 5, 2011

"A Shared Responsibility"

This is part of 47th Ward Ald. Ameya Pawar's first weekly newsletter:
"I have talked about transparency and de-mystifying government - but to do that, we must set the tone. There is a shared responsibility in government; it is my job to make decisions with your input, but it is everyone's job to come to the table. This is our office and our government and we need to work together."
We couldn't agree more.  Kudos to Ald. Pawar for encouraging his constituents to be active, vocal partners in what happens in the 47th Ward.  We hope all Uptowners take these sentiments to heart and come to the table, no matter what ward you may live in.


  1. than how about this Ald. Pawar- have someone return your emails... I've been waiting over two weeks... I voted for you and glad I did, we needed some change but think that if you are planning on asking for communication you hold your end of the bargain!

  2. I've had a similar experience with Alderman Cappleman's office, WRBR. While I'm willing to give all-new staff the benefit of the doubt for a period of time, they need to learn in short order that we have high expectations of them. If they have the technology to accept direct messages through their websites (OK, even the technology to receive e-mails PERIOD), then they have the technology to do automated replies to acknowledge receipt of a citizen's message. Even that will help!

  3. They do have the technology, but each aldermanic office does not have his/her own IT staff in order to fulfil every one of their constituents' technology wishes. I would guess that changes are made by the city IT staff or they have to hire out to have changes made. That won't happen lickity split.

    Let's try being reasonable folks. Automated replies is a solid idea, but maybe not one they thought about originally. It might take a little time to set up.

  4. “…Shared Responsibility…”

    Not a fan of that phrase. Oftentimes it’s used to mean “No Accountability”

    “The Buck Stops Here” if far more effective