Friday, June 17, 2011

Now We Know Who To Thank

John Hunt, 75, a resident & volunteer gardener at Mercy Lakefront, tending the four-corners site at Malden & Leland Streets -- nearby Leland House and The Miriam women's residence in Uptown.  The little set of gardens on four corners features wild flowers, native specimens, and assorted blooming plants hardy at Chicago's latitude. Photo by Peter Croke, Uptown


  1. Besides those four little plots John does a lot of other garden work up and down the block.
    He is my favorite neighbor over here, thank him with Blintzes....he loves 'em.

  2. A valued neighbor, thank you Mr. Hunt.

  3. Thanks Mr. Hunt, and THANKS to anyone in Uptown who goes out of their way to improve the neighborhood.

    If we all could pick up trash, or plant some flowers, it would be a better place for sure.

  4. Why don't we, the city that it, hire John to do the plantings along Clark street?

    I'm sure his rates will be reasonable and the garden plantings will beautify this bleak stretch.

    I don't understand why this design doesn't provide any benches like those in Andersonville. Street seating is part of creating safe, welcoming retail streets.

  5. Katherine,

    You would violate many union laws by hiring Mr. Hunt that would end up costing the city millions in lawsuits!

    Thanks Mr. Hunt.