Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Local Fireworks On July 3rd

A reader's photo of last year's Uptown fireworks show
Since Uptown won't be hosting any official fireworks shows this year, it's the good old Saddle & Cycle Club (900 W Foster) for us.  Unless you're a member or a guest, you can't watch from inside the gates, but the park, the beaches and Marine Drive roofs and balconies are great viewing spots.  This year they'll be held on Sunday, July 3rd, at dusk.  (Note to self:  When the Admiral at the Lake is completed, make friends with the residents for primo fireworks viewing.)  We'll never be able to afford to be members, but Saddle & Cycle Club, we appreciate ya!


  1. I have never heard of this place! My curiosity is peeked, but the website gives very little in ways of information. I just have yelp reviews and google maps to try to figure it all out.

  2. It's right next to the new Dominick's on Sheridan/Foster...if you drive up the parking ramp from Foster Ave, you can get a peek at the parking lot and the back of what I believe to be the main building of the Club. Agree that the website is super-secret - I've done my fair share of looking to try to see what they offer and what their joiner/membership fees are to no avail.

  3. Heres what I found out about this private club.
    This place is a veritable gathering ground for luminaries from all over the Midwest. The Pritzker's, Wirtz's, and Baucksbaumb's are just a few.
    Chicago elite who choose to relax at this hidden gem. Amazing secret society that has flown under the radar of the everyday Chicagoan for over 100 years now. Invite only, so don't expect to just show up and apply for a membership. Think Wimbledon meets Augusta National.
    Pros: Surprisingly relaxed place without a lot of pretense. They treat guests like royalty.
    Cons: A membership isn't a reality unless you own a a G5 and get to your SW Michigan summer home in a helicopter on Friday afternoon. They also have more rules than you can imagine. For instance, you aren't allowed on the tennis courts there unless you have an entirely white outfit on. Including shoes.
    Price Range: $25,000+

  4. Believe it or not I have known a few members to this club. They enjoy reciprocating benefits at clubs all over. Not all are super-rich however. I believe you have to be sponsored by 2 or 3 members in good standing to be invited. Standard Country Club stuff. And tennis is the big draw despite the name.

    Back in the day when Edgewater Beach was quite a different experience this place fit right in, its a survivor.

    I'm surprised so many people don't even know they are there, it is actually a pretty big property for the lakefront albeit small for a C.C.

    To their credit they quietly do some philanthropic work as well, the club has been good neighbors, for a century or so. When people say Uptown is diverse it is so true eh?

  5. @wiseguy. If our luminaries can't find anywhere better to go they ain't much of a luminary. I've been there for some of Mary Ann Smith's ubiquitous fund raisers. The place is absolutely shabby. They have property on Sheridan Road which they let deteriorate until recently. Now if you want to see a country club try Ravinia or Bannockburn. btw their food was tasteless, too.