Friday, June 3, 2011

Man Shot Near Sheridan and Windsor

click to enlarge - it's a pretty dramatic scene;
note the many bullet holes in the door at 4535-4537
Our Facebook page is buzzing with accounts of six shots fired around 10:50am.  Due to the high concentration of street cops in Uptown this week, police were on the scene before many residents could call 911.

"Shooting at 4535 North Sheridan Road, on a Black Ford Taurus. One person shot in the leg and back. Suspect is Byron Daugherty. 914 Leland is another address being mentioned over scanner." 

"Four young men in custody just behind Uplift. Cops searching for gun on Leland between Uplift and Sheridan. Definite injuries as ambulance is on the scene of the shooting."

"6 shots that sounded like they could've been construction work happened this morning before 11 am. They  occurred shortly after a woman walked into the building with her baby. The post office lady had just been in the building as well.  The man shot lives in the building, was shot in the hallway and has a daughter who lives down the street."

Update:  Rumor has it that the shooting was a domestic, over a custody fight.  At positive loitering tonight, Cmdr Boehmer said that both the victim and the suspect in custody are gang members, and the police think that the shooting this morning was retaliation for the Gunnison shooting last Friday (expected by the police, which is why so many of them have been on our streets recently).  The gun has also been recovered.  Nice work, officers!


  1. Hmmmmm,

    perhaps gentrification is to blame.

    I refuse to hyperlink.


  2. Thank you for sharing that link -- I was unaware of The Red Line Project and the site looks pretty interesting. I don't think that placing blame is the best route to take since there's no single cause of violence, but I do agree that the shifting demographics of Uptown and the surrounding areas definitely affects the dynamics of the neighborhood.

  3. Dang it Pirate! Why did you have to post that link? Now I'm ticked off on this lovely Friday afternoon. What is this nonsense: "Uptown resident Aqueela Ali said that all the cultures and incomes have lived in 'friendly co-existence'" Yes, "friendly co-existence" that is precisely why there are weekly shootings in Uptown. Sheesh. I'm sure everyone could live together in a "friendly coexistence" if the drug market subsided and the gangs left. How exactly are those two parties going to leave? Hmmm...

  4. Ha ha Pirate, Ms. Alli has no shame.

    My favorite quote is that the diversity is how her children learned to respect other people. Ms Ali are these the same children one of which is dead from swallowing crack cocaine, the other assailed a Police Officer and sent him to the hospital that you are referring to?

    The same children that have too many arrests to mention in the comments section.

    When you say they learned to respect people surely you mean they learned to respect the leaders of their street gang not the average citizens.

  5. From the RedLine article:

    Ali said there have always been gangs in Uptown, but they have become worse. In the 1980s she and other parents mobilized against them, and still work to find other activities to occupy neighborhood children. “It’s not acceptable to us either,” she said of older residents.

    Aqueela Ali mobilized against gangs? Charity begins at home!

    It must have been really easy for Ms. Ali to mobilize, since her sons, Rahmon (currently a guest of the state for the upteenth time) and Rahiem (RIP), and her grandson, Brian Terry, are permanent fixtures on the court advocate calendars for drug sales, gangbanging and assault on peace officers.

    But everything wrong with Uptown has to do with "newcomers." Oh, and their little dogs, too.

  6. Amen PB. Maybe the Red Line Project should do some background investigation on the people they interview to determine their credibility.

  7. They need to stop the selling of cold beer in the neighborhood. It is just too tempting to these young men. Being under the influence increases the likelihood of gun violence. We need to bring back the vagrancy laws as well. This chronic loitering and drinking leads to other things.

  8. I live across the street from where the shooting took place. The police came over to talk to us. According to them this was gang related, not a domestic. I saw the kid they got for it and talked to a couple of eyewitnesses. The shooter was a 15 year old kid.

  9. I don't know if the victim is in a gang but the thing I have is, I could care less about age. It seems to me that YOU can not gangbang w/o getting caught these days. Isn't that a clue? So if this is what they choose to do, well? Soon every one will be in jail. So mabie Ms. Ali needs to give all her children that hang around on Lawerence a pep talk.

  10. Speaking of "the red line project:

    Check out how this map (link below) works with the red-line stations - especially from the loop proceeding north. You'll find lots of heat islands surrounding almost all the stations. I'm curious how that works... population density ? transit related crime travel ? rental density ?

  11. thanks for the update, UU. The victim lives in the building? Known gang member? Eviction.