Thursday, May 26, 2011

Where Am I Located?

Bonus points if you can say what its significance is.

Update:  As Irish Pirate guessed, this is the Civil War Memorial at St. Boniface Cemetery.  Because St. Boniface was the first German Catholic Cemetery in the city (established in 1863, right in the middle of the Civil War), the inscription on it is in German.  Translated, it reads:   In memory of the heroic Germans who took part in the defense of the new fatherland in the American Civil War.

St. Boniface holds an annual outdoor Mass on each Memorial Day at 10:30 a.m., open to all, in memory of all the men and women who gave their lives fighting in American wars.


  1. Graceland Cemetary monument
    Union Army

  2. No one has it yet, but Old Guy is on the right track.

  3. Saint Boniface Cemetery.

    Union Soldier Memorial

    Next time try something harder*.

    "That's what she said."

  4. Pirate, you are correct. More info will be added to the post.