Saturday, May 21, 2011

Uptown Parents Network Gets Started

From a reader:

"A group of parents in Uptown have started a group called the Uptown Parents Network. Any parent who is interested in improving the neighborhood for their children or themselves is invited to join.

Currently the group is getting organized, and will start meeting in local parks as a type of "positive loitering." Eventually the group hopes to focus on school issues in Uptown or look at targeting some other issue relating to parents and kids in the neighborhood.

Ideally, the group will eventually include a wide segment of Uptown parents, but we're still getting the word out. Please join by going to Facebook, search for "Uptown Parents Network" and click the "ask to join" button. You will also receive a friend request from the page's administrator.

Please note that there are two pages that will come up. One is a group (which is up and running) and one is a community page. The community page is currently under construction, but please feel free to "Like" it."