Thursday, May 19, 2011

Small Kitten, Bigger Problem

If you read Uptown Update's Facebook page, you may have followed the saga of one, then two, then an entire family of kittens who were trapped inside the storefronts of the infamous "Mosa Building" (on Leland between Winthrop and Kenmore). The building has been a continuing frustration and topic of conversation on Uptown Update. Click here to access the articles, which will provide a history.

Little "Leland," pictured, was the last kitten out, today. A reader sent us this photo and says that Leland is just a small, cute symptom of the continuing problems that the building presents to the community:

"Several area neighbors have been trying to get in touch with the building manager, Attorneys, Receivership, adjacent and former tenants - all trying to get into the Sunil Mosa building at 1016 W. Leland to rescue a kitten that has been trapped for several days without food and water, and languishing near-death in the windowpane. This building is a death-trap, I can't believe there are still two businesses operating. The difficulty of getting a response from ANYONE accountable for this property underscores the danger of its continued existence. Anyone know when it's back in housing court again? It needs to be bulldozed before a HUMAN gets hurt - that's the only way anyone is going to give it serious attention."

Update:  For those worried, we hear that Leland is a "she," has been determined to be in good health, and has been privately adopted.  Now, if only the problems with the Mosa Building could be solved so handily.


  1. The folks at 1000 W Leland were diligently working to find out what's going on there. Apparently the building was bought by Rubloff, but they are under a 30 day waiting period before they can begin work on the building. The real estate agent called back after the last kitten was rescued, but and he's going to reboard the door and put up signs. The Tree House was vital in getting the first two kittens out, so props to their street team!! Someone from 1000 W was also trying to see what the plans for the building are, so we'll make sure to update everyone on that.

  2. It's a window. Break it. Save the cat.

  3. A group of my neighbors were successful in getting a hold of the current owner. I do not know the exact legal terminology, but it was turned over to someone at Rubloff Real Estate. We e-mailed, we phoned, and finally received a response. According to Rubloff, who I understand acquired the property around March 30, has to wait to hear from the city for about 30 days before they can begin any kind of construction on the building. I have every intention of asking what they intend to do with the property.

    I do apologize for sounding so vague, but he called me at work where all of my conversation notes are written on my notepad.

  4. Thank you to everyone who saved Leland. What happened to him? Will he be okay?

  5. Tree House is a "no-kill " shelter right?

    Cute little symptom absolutely, I hope this publicity connects little Leland to a caring home along with his siblings.
    I already got two rescued cats...and a fish.

    Bulldozing seems harsh but easy to understand the anger, lets hope some wheels get turning on this building.

  6. Thank you to all who worked to save these kittens!!!