Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Real Kitchen, Real Good

UU readers just can't stop talking about Real Kitchen, at Montrose and Clark:
  • "My family has been there a couple times now and have been very impressed.  Their spinach, mushroom and artichoke lasagna is DELICIOUS, and the people there could not be nicer!  Great addition to the neighborhood, and I hope they do well!"
  • "A friend told me they had great cupcakes, but I ended up with a lemon tart for two.  Just $4 and one of the best things I've ever had, with fresh lemon curd sprinkled on the top.  Dunno why these people are in a strip mall in Uptown, but I'm glad they are."
  • "I'm not sure how many readers have had an opportunity to check out Real Kitchen yet, but if anyone is interested I emailed them to check on vegetarian / vegan options. The executive chef, Nick, emailed me right back and was very nice and stated they normally offer at least one vegetarian option but at this time nothing vegan. He said it was a possibility down the road but as of right now, there is nothing vegan. I hope everyone give this place a try. The menu looks very yummy!"
If you haven't given Real Kitchen a try, your neighbors seem to think highly of it.  We think we'll drop by and grab some dinner.


  1. I hear that, love love love RK. Just wish they're venture further north and closer to my house!

  2. They make really great sandwiches too, including an amazing pork belly BLT.

  3. Thank you fellow UU'ers for the recommendation.

    I went there for the first time tonight and it was a great experience. Everyone was super helpful and answered all our questions. Everything is made fresh and you can definitely tell what a difference it makes.

    My girlfriend and I had two entrees and two cupcakes for $22. Not bad at all!

    So glad to have RK here.