Sunday, May 29, 2011

Opening Weekend For The Dock At Montrose Beach

Although the rain put the kibosh on Saturday dining,
they'll be open again Sunday, and throughout the summer. 
The Dock at Montrose Beach opened its doors on Friday, showing off a full rehab, which includes a large dining deck, new signage, and a new menu.  And, as Friday's Tribune points out, it's got a rare lakefront liquor license.

One of the two locations serving alcohol for the first time this year [...] The Dock at Montrose Beach, a full-service restaurant offering cocktails and more than 20 beers on an outdoor deck — opened Friday.

Montrose Beach is  "the undiscovered beach of Chicago," said Luke Cholodecki, a co-owner of the restaurant.  "It's beautiful, but it didn't have the amenities that everybody in the neighborhood wanted, which was a place where you can actually go sit down, eat something, have a glass of wine in the evening, enjoy the beach and a beautiful view."


  1. I think the outdoor deck is a nice addition and I cannot wait to try out the new menu.

  2. Never been there. Sounds like a good place to take a date!

  3. I ate there a few times last summer on nice really was a pleasant place. It makes me a little sad though, because it looks so much nicer for this summer, and I no longer live in Chicago. I moved last Saturday. Farewell Uptown. While I may no longer live there, I will visit again, and I will continue to check UptownUpdate

  4. a friend of mine tells me the owner wants her husband's band to start playing there. not sure if it's gonna happen yet