Thursday, May 12, 2011

Movie Filming On Beacon South Of Wilson

Residents who park on the 4500 block of Beacon will want to note that there will be no parking on this block from 8am May 14 through 8pm on May 15 due to a movie filming. No word on what the movie may be.

Update:  A reader writes, "According to the Chicago Film Office, the only film shooting right now in Chicago is "Boss," TV Series for Starz Entertainment, starring Kelsey Grammer, through July 31."


  1. Let's just hope it's a better movie than "The Dillema" :-)

  2. For those who don't know, Kelsey Grammer plays the mayor of Chicago.....should be "interesting"

  3. I can verify it is indeed the new cable TV show "Boss." It will start airing in October on Starz. A friend of mine got a role in one episode. Hopefully it will do well---could provide work for many Chicagoans (actors, PAs, casting agents, catering companies, security firms, etc.)