Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mayor Daley "Thanks Residents of the 46th Ward for Their Help in Moving Chicago Forward"

A reader writes:

"I was zipping through the City’s website earlier and stumbled across Mayor Daley’s take on what 'he did' for the Peeplz Republik of the 46th Ward:

  • Interestingly, all the residential streets in the Ward 'have new lighting.'  Never mind that the sidewalk-level lighting many of us requested never happened where it was needed … and that much of the new lighting works sporadically when it works.
  • We also paid for lots of marvelous 'upgrades' at Truman College, not the least of which is the upgraded pool and the 1100-car parking ramp — none of which is available to residents of the Ward.
  • I was amazed to read that we merely 'invested' ONLY 'over $10 million in TIF-assisted infrastructure and business development'.
  • I was more amazed to read that according to Mayor Daley, Wilson Yard is suddenly 'mixed-income' apartments.
  • CHA only has 181 units of scattered-site housing in Uptown, plus 235 units of senior housing … but we somehow managed to buy or rehab at least 725 units of private yet publicly-subsidized housing right here in the 'hood.
  • Oh.  And 97 first-time buyers bought 'affordable' condos in Uptown with City help.
Of course, this 46th Ward 'farewell' took place at the Bird Sanctuary east of the Drive near Waveland … about as close to the farthest corner of the Ward as Helen Shiller's home is on the opposite side.

Thank God this crap is coming to an end, now that we’ve been bled dry."

If you'd like to read the Mayor's take on how he's helped the 46th Ward, click here.  Or watch the video (screen grab above) here.


  1. Love the photo......the body language alone, says 'get away from me!'

  2. Starck Mad, you are are so right! Check out the photo of Helen and Richie at the opening of Target last summer, just a few posts down. In that one, too, Helen has her arms folded tightly over her chest. Body Language Classic: I am "Closed" to you and protecting myself from you. Hah! So much for the mutual admiration society.