Sunday, May 15, 2011

FoodTown Takes It Up A Notch

FoodTown, at the corner of Hazel and Montrose, isn't the sort of place that usually draws rave reviews, but a reader sent this in and we were intrigued:

"I have only frequented this business for the past year, despite living nearby for three, but in the past few months, then have done a lot of renovations - the store is clean, well-lit, and prices are very competitive. The selection doesn't match Jewel - it can't - but they provide fast, friendly service, and compete aggressively on what they do sell.

The recent changes include more sandwiches, ready to go meals (small containers of spaghetti, and other fare such as falafels), frozen foods, a large coffee bar, and just today I noticed outdoor patio seating (I'm not yet certain what that last part is for, but look forward to finding out).

This is a local business that is certainly trying to serve the neighborhood, and has spent a lot on renovations. I for one hope that they succeed and urge UU readers who aren't customers to give them a chance."

We noticed new front signage and the outdoor seating area, then stepped in to buy some goodies and were delighted at the customer service and friendliness of the staff.  It looks like FoodTown is trying to separate itself from the pack as far as local bodegas go, so if you happen to live or work near it, we suggest you give an upwardly striving Uptown business a try.


  1. Me and my fiance have been coming here for a long time now. We have seen this place grow into what it is now. They have done a lot of renovations to the inside and outside. The extra space that they have now, compared to before, allowed them to add on. The deli is a nice tough and I remember them saying they plan on offering fresh deli meats in the future. The owner is a nice guy and even placed an order while I waited for more Romeo Y Julieta cigars.

    Me and my fiance was out and about on our bikes one day earlier this week and noticed the outdoor seating. Went and and complimented them on the addition and getting the permit before summer. My fiance might also be working there part-time coming soon so maybe you guys who frequent Food Town will get to see a new face.

  2. Wow, nice surprise.
    This is important from a north side perspective not just a neighborhood issue.

    Even city wide....
    Every time something new and interesting happens in Uptown I rejoice.....

    From the perspective of people on Hazel Im sure this is a welcome surprise because you have an enclave of oldword mansions in buena park that hasnt had much local services that they could use.

  3. This is what needs to happen with my golden mini mart on Morse, but likely wont.....

  4. I was just thinking about posting an someone beat me to the punch!! Well said. I've known the owner for a very very long time, I used to go to food town when he was working for his father. Now his sons work for him. It's a beautiful thing to see. Family orientation and a cute store for everyone!!!! The Mediterranean selection is small but GOOD!! ( also homemade) plus there's more to come!! Hummus?? It's fab!! Out door patio? Wonderful for a hot night (or day) uptown stand up for food town!!!!

  5. I gotta say, walked in a few weeks ago and was impressed ad sorta shocked. Stocked, organized, well lit and friendly staff. I'll def keep going back. Now if that coeprner could just be cleaned up as nicely as the store.

  6. Love this place. Family run, always nice.