Sunday, May 1, 2011

Clarendon Park Neighborhood Clean-Up

From CPNA:  "Here are some photos from the Clarendon Park Neighbors clean-up yesterday (4/30) - we had a great turnout of folks from Agatite, the 800 block of Sunnyside, Clarendon and Wilson, and Eastwood -- we tackled all their blocks in addition to the trash mountain that was the Maryville parking lot at Clarendon-Agatite-Sunnyside.  It was a 3 hours well spent!"


  1. This is great. I have said it many times to people all over the country. I have spent time in Boston, Louisville, Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Milwaukee and many others and I always say the same thing... "Cleaning you're own neighborhood up goes a long way and can inspire in so many ways! You should try it."! I never litter and will say something to someone if I see them doing it. I might not be from here, I do live here, and I don't want where I live to be filthy! But, it does come with the territory... I guess!

    I am relatively new to the area and plan on moving a little further into Uptown (maybe Clarendon Park or Sheridan Park depending on what we find when we are ready to leave out current place at Marine/Montrose. I love the Uptown Neighborhood and think the people are great. I love seeing things like this.

  2. Nice work guys! It isn't that hard, and it's amazing what a lot of people working together for a few short hours can accomplish in Uptown.

    Hopefully you all had fun and got a chance to socialize with someone you don't normally interact with.

    Magnolia-Malden Block Club did cleanups a few times last summer with much success, and I know other clubs did as well.

    The one thing I noticed last year is that few neighborhood kids (esp. teens) were involved in our clean-ups. It would be great to get a couple kids from the blocks, Uplift, etc. to team up and assist. If street gangs can recruit in Uptown, why can't we? I think a lot of kids around here would benefit from spending an hour or two of their precious time with inspirational members of our community.

  3. Agreed -- love neighborhood clean up days :)

  4. Good Job, clarendon (along the parking lot) looks so much better.

  5. Thank you very much to Alderman Jim for comming out to help too.

  6. Great job and the area looks alot better. Too bad the owners of these properties have to have others do the job they should be held responsible for in the first place.