Monday, May 30, 2011

City Stickers Available On Wednesday

From Ald. Harry Osterman's weekly newsletter:

"City Sticker Service Day
 Wednesday, June 1, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
 at Ward Office (5533 N. Broadway)

The Office of City Clerk, Susana Mendoza will be visiting our ward to offer City Sticker registration for your vehicle(s). Those interested in taking advantage of this opportunity must bring the following information with them on this day:

  • Vehicle Registration Information
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Check or Money Order (NO CASH) made to“City Clerk, Chicago”

City Sticker Permit Pricing:
  • Passenger Vehicle Sticker - $75.00
  • Larger Passenger Vehicle Sticker (SUVs) - $120
  • Passenger Vehicle Stickers for Seniors (65+) - $30
  • Only good for one passenger vehicle per individual
Please contact my office for more information or if you have any questions."


  1. While I find it painful, to pay $$ for 'city stickers', I find it absurd at the thought of this:

    "Alderman Joe Moreno says owners of gas-guzzling cars should pay more for city vehicle stickers. At the same time, owners of electric cars and hybrids should see the cost of their vehicle stickers decline."

    First off.....most drivers in the city have enough hardship using their many could afford a $40K Chevy Volt? Seriously.

  2. Why does it say Mayor Daley?

  3. Not to mention making your electric bill jump sky high. In our condo it would cost $2500 to run a metered line to be able to plug in your car. Also they want to add a tax to all electric car owners to make up the difference in lost gas pump taxes. I think I will pay the price for the sticker and keep my gas-guzzling car.