Monday, April 18, 2011

Your New State Rep

If you live in the 14th District and you voted for Harry Osterman as your state rep (and even if you didn't), meet the woman who was appointed to serve out his term:  Kelly Cassidy.  (You can read about her here.)

We're happy to give Ms. Cassidy a fair chance, but it makes us long for the days when the person who represented us was the actual choice of the majority of the voters.


  1. An assistant in the Cook County state’s attorney’s office, Cassidy said, “For 20 years in Chicago, I’ve worked in not-for-profit and government,” (gov't worker and lobbyist)

    The vote for Cassidy (by the ward bosses) was unanimous.


    Cassidy, not an “outsider.” She's clearly more of the same.

    “I intend to serve the district as long as I can, or until a job with more power comes along.”

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Illinois Politics: appointing the same hacks over and over again.

  2. Carol Ronen had over 50% of the vote on this. And surprise surprise, she again chose a machine hack. Sad part is there were two great potential candidates -- Paula Basta and Jen Wren. Both of whom brought strong, unique credentials to the district. But what a surprise, Ronen went with the hack....just another decision voters will have to correct next time around.