Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Wow Bao In Uptown?

"Wow Bao" is asking its fans on Facebook where it should open its newest location and Uptown/Edgewater is listed as one of the options. Check out Wow Bao's Facebook page here and be sure to vote for Uptown/Edgewater! Spread the word. There are a few vacant storefronts next to *cough* Target at Wilson Yard that would be excellent.


  1. Come on Uptown! We know that WE can do this! Keep on voting!

  2. Just to let you know, I'm the one that suggested the Uptown/Edgewater area for the Wow Bao! ahahahaha

    -Rachel F.

  3. @Rachelle - Follow through and make it happen. Figure out what they need from us and how the community can help. If you can identify specific things for people to do, I bet you could drum up some interest.

    A Wow Bao (and other healthier, quick options) are win/win situations for Uptown residents and businesses looking to earn more of our dollars.

    For those of you who have not tried Wow Bao, think about it next time you are downtown (Water Tower Place, Jackson and Wells ish, for example). Their stores are clean, their food generally tastes good, and their staff smile consistently.

    Additionally, sometimes I want to explore my unhealthy side.

    5-Guys along Broadway...Bring it!
    (I have already e-mailed their real estate folks).