Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Is Always Fun-Day At Aragon

A reader sent in these photos of a menu and program from the Aragon back in February 1942. "Thought you might find these pictures interesting. My grandmother used to hang out at the Aragon and she gave me these." Enjoy a trip back to an Uptown 69 years ago, when World War II was in the headlines, a good cup of coffee was 18 cents, a big band musician gave out his autograph, and you could dance eight and a half hours a day. As always, click to enlarge.


  1. My mother use to go there in the
    40s-heard her talk about Dick Jurgens.She passed away April 5th at the age of 91.She said her sister and her use to go there to listen to the big bands.

  2. "NOTICE!
    The management has just been notified by the U. S. Government that women must NOW pay the same admission TAX as the men. We are complying with this ruling effective next week."

    So was it somehow in the interest of the government to get more ladies in the house prior to this action?

    Thanks to Grandma for saving these treasures!

  3. As you look at these images, here is some background music:

    Also, you may want to have a chop suey sundae while you're at it: