Thursday, April 7, 2011

Psst! Need A Job?

Harry Osterman, who was elected in November 2010 to the office of State Representative, also was elected in February 2011 to the office of 48th Ward alderman.  He will take the aldermanic job.  What to do, what to do?

We learned something today:  the Democratic committeemen in the areas covered by the House District served by Rep. Osterman are the ones who decide on a new State Representative.  They take applications and vote on who will replace him.  (Not quite how we thought it worked, but this is Illinois, so it's hardly surprising.)

If you live in House District 14 and have always wanted to work in Springfield, you need to read this in Progress Illinois: Committeemen Taking Applications For 14th State Rep. District.

Hint:  It's good to be Carol Ronen right now.


  1. This is exactly how things work in Illinois. Ronen will no doubt appoint one of her donors or supporters to the position. This is what she and the other machine people do and how they maintain control of local politics. How do you think Heather Steans became her favored successor in the state senate?

    Politics as usual.

  2. Yikes, that'd be an awkward conversation with her and Carol Ronen. But she'd have to rent up there!

  3. Requirements, lobotomy, so that critical thinking cannot impede the demands of the Chicago democratic machine. Harry, Daleys ever obedient lapdog has been rewarded with an aldermanic seat. Although snarky, my post is exactly how Chicago area politics are work.