Thursday, April 7, 2011

Mary Ann Smith Prepares For Transition

From Ald. Mary Ann Smith's latest email newsletter:

Office Closing May 1
Alderman Smith's office will be closing May 1 to allow for the transition before Alderman-elect Harry Osterman takes office on May 16.  During this time, we will be closing out projects and doing final cleanup.  
We request that you submit any permit, block party or garage sale requests, or other City business, by April 25 so we can be sure your needs are taken care of before we leave office.

Update:  From Ald. Schulter's office on February 25th:  "Over the next two months, my staff will begin the process of wrapping up short term projects and shutting down my public service office in preparation for your new alderman.  We will still be available at 4237 N. Lincoln through May 13th to assist with all service requests."  We have noted that Ald. Schulter's regular Friday email newsletter has not come out for the past few weeks, so we know he's wrapping things up after his many years in office.

No word yet from Ald. Shiller on when her service office will close and transition over to James Cappleman.


  1. Maybe we should call Shiller's office and see if they need assistance packing. I'll be happy to volunteer.

  2. You know, I have to wonder what the 'dynamic/relationship' was between these two alderman. From what I've seen, Mary Ann was quite loved......the opposite is blazingly true apparently for the 46th Ward.