Thursday, March 10, 2011

Uptown Farmers Market Still Going Through Cold Weather

"I'm not sure if UU readers are aware, but the Uptown Farmers Market is still happening every Thursday from 8am-1pm at Weiss Memorial Hospital.

The setup has been brought indoors for the winter months, and is in the lobby on the North end of the hospital near the juncture with the new medical office building Weiss is connected to. The easiest and most direct way to access the area is to enter at the 4700 N Marine Drive entrance, or at the entrance to the building found on Clarendon/ Leland. Obviously fresh produce is somewhat scarce, but there has been locally farmed eggs, beef jerky/sausage, and freshly baked breads there consistently.

Please help support the Farmers Market and keep it in Uptown!"


  1. thanks for posting! Been looking forward to its return, I'll be visiting today. Too bad I didn't know it was indoors all winter!

  2. Nice that there is a Farmers Market, but the hours suck for those of us that work during the day. Would love to see a Farmers Market on Saturday's (maybe in one of the parking lots near the Aragon?!) Uptown could also follow the lead of Andersonville and structure a Farmers Market they way they have. Maybe with a new alderman we will see something like this come to fruition.

  3. Hope they can increase the number of vendors.

  4. I agree about the hours. If you have a friend in Uptown that doesn't have day hours (luckily my friend works at night) ask them to pick things up for the both of you. I always pay a little more since he picks the stuff up each time, but it works out for both of us.