Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sorting Out The Recycling Center

A reader trying to recycle at the center on the 4700 block of Sheridan gave us this update on what's going on there:

"Just wanted to give the readers an update about the Uptown Recycle Center as I've been having numerous issues arriving and finding the gate locked during the hours posted here. This is the response I received from them the first time it happened:

I'm sorry you've gone there and found it closed.  It is actually still open as a drop off center.  We had a little issue with the gate not being opened, as the restaurant next door (which usually opens and closes the gate for us) has been temporarily closed for a few weeks, and didn't tell us.  But we have worked out an alternative arrangement, so you should find the site open now.  If you find the site closed, please don't hesitate to contact me at with the date and time that it occurred, and I will look into it.

Again, when it happened on Sunday morning:

I am very sorry this whole experience has been so frustrating.  We are taking steps to address the issue.  Part of the problem, as I'm learning, is that with several parking renters, there have been mixed messages given about when to lock and not lock the gate, so it's a process of tracking everyone down to make sure they have the current information.  We have in the past only posted opening hours of noon to 5, so the change to earlier opening hours is new as well.  In any case, please bear with us.  It's such a small site that we really can't afford to have Resource Center staff go up twice a day to unlock and lock it, so we rely on various other parties to help us with the gate.

It was opened again in the afternoon - but it sounds like its getting sorted out. I'm glad that we even have a place to drop off our recycling! As they say, patience is a virtue!"

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  1. I wish our city would step up and reform recycling. The amount of waste we produce is disgusting; and only a tiny fraction of our garbage is being recycled. It's pretty pathetic; too much apathy for the cause.