Thursday, March 31, 2011

Small Fire In Buena Park High-Rise

According to Chicago Breaking News, there was a fire in an elevator shaft in a high-rise building on Bittersweet this morning.  We're glad no one was hurt.


  1. That is the block that Molly Phelan states in her candidate filings, under penalty of the law, that she lives on.

    Did Molly help out her neighbors when this fire occurred?

    Was Molly even there - day or evening - yesterday?

  2. Does anyone know the address?

  3. Buena Parker,

    take a deep breath. Exhale. Feel better?

    Now there is plenty of valid stuff to hit Phelan with, but that's stretching it a biiiiiiiiiit.

    Again, take a deep breath. Exhale.

  4. Irish Pirate (and to a few other kids here (not referring to IP in this group) who haven't been around the block yet):

    Since you are probably the most prolific poster on this site, please stop telling others when and when not to post, breathe, take a drink, chill out or anything else.

    I enjoy your commentary, truly I do - but no one elected you to be the blog's (or my) web monitor mother.

    If you disagree with something I say, great, say so and I'll be thrilled to read your thoughts and learn from them. Your "chill" stuff only makes me comment more and wastes space on this site.

    Plus, as for your lectures about not commenting here but instead getting out and working, I agree 100%.

    I would love to match what you are doing to elect the candidate of your choice in this election with what I have been doing - let me know when you want to compare notes, check stubs or anything else.

    Stating your opinions and countering the opinions of others is truly American; telling others when or whether to voice their opinions is truly un-American.

    I think you already really know this in your Irish soul.

    To answer the question from JLA: the address where the fire occurred was 700 W. Bittersweet, the apartment building where Molly says she rents.

  5. BP,

    have a Guinness. Have another Guinness.


    See ya at the Cappleman victory party.

  6. Speaking of Cappleman party - will it be held at some 44th ward establishment?

  7. Why would it CTA? My vote's for Fontana Grill or BOB.

  8. @Bradly: BOB had thrown their support behind Phelan (at least they used to have signs up/had fundraisers) so not sure if that would be the choice.

  9. CTA - The majority of James's campaign events have been held at establishments in the 46th ward, with the exception of one fundraisers in the 44th Ward (at Avenue Tavern). James's last election night party was at Nick's Uptown, which is in the 46th ward.

    On the other hand, the majority of Molly's campaign events have been held downtown at places like the Emerald Loop. So, I think it would be much more likely that Molly's election night party would be downtown to thank her supporters, who mostly live outside the ward.

  10. That would just prove that the Phelanstines hold no hard feelings and are genuinely intersted in working with, instead of against, the alderman. Likewise, should Molly win I would hope Nick's or Hearty would be the site of the celebration. We Capplemaniacs will still be active in the neighborhood as we have been for the last several years.

  11. Phelanstines.

    I think that might be a winner.

  12. The Cappleman victory soiree will be held at the Holiday Club.

    Unfortunately, pants aren't optional so I may not attend.

    Perhaps a kilt?

  13. I only ask becasue the Phelan event back in February was at Kit Kat Club @ 3700 N Halsted. I don't have my ward boundry maps right now, but it sure as heck smells like 44th ward to me.

  14. CTA, your sense of smell is off today. The Kit Kat Club is in the 46th Ward.

    You can look up addresses at:

  15. I stand corrected. It just smelt a heck of a lot like 44 to me.

  16. @CTA: I think all the vitriol in the air during these final election days is messing with everyone's senses :)

  17. IP

    Please, Chill Out - you're getting silly.

    Since you've advised me and others here to have more cocktails or stouts (I'm not big on Guinness), etc. - I'll give you my advice:

    When you have had fewer stouts, I'd be happy to talk to you seriously -- as long as you have your pants on !

  18. The victory party will be where I say it is- You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

    Good luck to both candidates.

  19. I need my glasses checked, but I thought this was about a fire. Probably blame all the negative campaign literature and signs for it. Probably just self combustion...or started by a random cigar snuffer, or perhaps fertilizer from those damn planters...Maybe ETOH was to blame. How about...Helen did it. Or Molly did it to draw attention to herself to gain sympathy. Those damn rats because of all the dog poop that noone picked up during the course of the winter. Really, Capt. P....I don't care where I drink on Tuesday, but after this...I'm drinking (with my pants on).