Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shots Fired Tuesday Evening Off Argyle

We've heard from several readers, who were unfortunately caught up in it, that three shots were fired on Kenmore, just south of Argyle, Tuesday evening shortly before 7pm.  A large police presence arrived on the scene quickly and stayed in the surrounding vicinity throughout the evening.  Luckily, no one was hit... this timeSee update below.

The warm weather is bringing an increase in violence, as we've all seen.  Please be careful and be sure to call 911 if you see any suspicious activity.  If you can call the police before violence begins, your proactive reaction may stop a shooting.

If you're in the 46th Ward, be sure to vote for the aldermanic candidate you feel can best work in cooperation with the police to end this extremely wearisome phase of gun battles on our main thoroughfares.  "Sick of it" doesn't even begin to describe how we feel.

Update:  Apparently words were exchanged as some young men were walking down the street, which led to one of them being shot in the stomach.  The young man who was shot has gang affiliations, and the shooting is under investigation by the gang unit.  He was taken to the hospital and will survive.


  1. Just the tip of the iceberg, as spring hasn't officially began. Hope I'm wrong about this. I remember the old days(the 70's, while living on the south side) when you could stand on a corner and talk to someone without worrying about if you're going to be hit by someone shooting.

  2. this is right where that gang graffiti was. is it still there?

  3. I was walking on Leland at Kenmore and could hear this off in the distance. I wasn't sure what it was, although it did sound like it could be gunfire. It's frightening to be out and about and hear gunfire in your own neighborhood. It goes without saying that this has to end.

  4. I think that this year is going to be worse than last year, and the year before..

  5. beautiful night tonight.....pretty sure that means another shooting. Wear your Kevlar folks.

  6. Neigborhood/Trash Update 1/16/11

    Okay, Winthrop from Lawrence to Leland looked not too bad this week. I took two empty twelve pack cartons and filled them up with trash, and two other trips and then Winthrop was looking okay.

    What wasnt looking okay was the Chase Branch at Lawrence and Winthrop. Alot of sketchy folks that were older with tiny litte kids and sketchy teens hanging out on the corner. The older ones were sitting on the window sill up against the window. I went in to tell the Chase people who seemed completely shocked that anyone would care and then at first said "we arent in charge of the corner" That was apparent.

    I told them it would be a good policy to not let anyone just sit on the window sill and sit up against the window. Hmmmm. Me thinks I will probably have to tell them a couple more times before it sinks in that this is just not acceptable behavior.

    Also Im 37, why is everyone running the bank younger than me, even the manager? Very Very Bizarre. Its like there is a bunch of kids running the bank, kinda bad idea, dontcha think? Experience matters for god sake.

    I havent gotten around to talk to that Chase about their graffiti laden sign. I think I am going to look for a higher up in Chase to discuss systemic problems with their banks. For god sake, the Chase Bank Corner is a ghetto hangout? The Coporate Powerhouse Bank allows loiterers at their corner? Hunh! This was aroun 4pm today.

  7. Yeah this doesnt surprise me, I have seen alot of sketchy activity in the past at that corner, like dice games and graffiti and lots of loitering.

  8. oops I meant 3/16/11 for my post but that really isnt needed here at uptown update, just used to broken heart of rogers park where posts are undated

  9. I like to nip things in the bud.
    So I called the Rogers Park branch on Morse which is run better and the general Chase line to let them know how poorly run the Winthrop and Lawrence Branch is being run.

  10. Hi,
    I live on the top floor of a condo off of Argyle and heard the shots, then saw the gang members all in black creep across argyle going North on Kenmore. It took over 7 minutes for police to come to the seen. I would think that with all of the gang activity in the neighborhood that police would automatically be present from 5pm and up. I work at an inner city high school as a teacher and have to deal with thugs all day. I can tell you that historically the gangs get worse in the spring. I hope to see more police presence around the block. Need to get the junkies and thugs out of the neighborhood