Monday, March 21, 2011

Post Debate Concert & Bake Sale

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CHICAGO, IL -- March 17, 2011 -- Women for Stronger Neighborhoods (WFSN), a 527 non-for-profit organization focused on investing in the community to maintain diversity and create safer, more vibrant neighborhoods, will host a fundraiser at the Kinetic Playground (1113 West Lawrence) on Sunday, March 27th from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Female performers will include Stolie, Kristin Kelly, Shelly Miller, Aly Jados and special appearances by Sophia Annello and The Janes dance troupe. Gourmet baked goods will also be sold during the event.

“WFSN was created by a group of north side women who felt the need for an organization that spoke, not just to our block, or our beat, or our Ward, but across the city to issues that affect women and families throughout Chicago,” said Kathy Cook, president of WFSN. “We are hosting this event immediately following the League of Women Voters’ 46th Ward Aldermanic debate because we recognize the importance the outcome of this race will have on Chicago’s north side neighborhoods.”

All funds raised by WFSN will benefit individuals and organizations that support small business development, quality after-school programs and licensing of homeless shelters. WFSN is focused these priorities because they contribute strongly to neighborhood quality of life and reflect concerns of many Chicago families.

For more information email WFSN at, and visit our page on Facebook.

Update:  The flyer neglected to have this wording on it, which the WFSN has asked us to add:  "A copy of our report is on file with the IL State Board of Elections, Springfield, IL."

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  1. On behalf of the Women For Strong Neighborhoods, I would like to apologize to 46th Ward block clubs and other interested parties for any inadvertent misunderstandings about the nature and purpose of our organization.
    WFSN was formed in the past month to generate support for issues that members feel greatly affect the quality of life and the vitality of their neighborhoods. This includes, but is not limited to the 46th Ward.
    We formed a political action committee because we intend to support candidates and office-holders who share our goals. James Cappleman is one of those candidates, and we expect our support of him will continue after the upcoming election. However, James will not be the only candidate our organization supports in the weeks and months ahead.
    We apologize for any confusion that we may have caused with the announcement of our organization and its related activities.