Thursday, March 17, 2011

IVI-IPO Candidate Questionnaires

If you'd like to know how the candidates feel about this issues and their own qualifications, here are the questionnaires from Cappleman and Phelan submitted to the IVI-IPO.

Although Molly's is dated December 1, 2010, it doesn't appear on the IVI website with those of the other candidates from the general election and mentions City-Clerk-Elect Mendoza, who wasn't voted into office until February 22nd, 2011, so we're assuming it was recently filled out and mistakenly back-dated.


  1. Wow, that is the most entertaining reading I have done in a long time.

    Molly continues to bring up the flower references. She continues to lie about James’ plan for the aldermanic menu funds, but refuses to provide any detail of her own. All she says is that her “top budget priority is to make the streets safe.” If she actually listened to James or read his campaign platform, she would know that he is advocating for the same thing. But, Molly doesn’t want to listen.

    And, I see a Shiller in the making: “As alderman, the buck will stop at my desk, and I won’t hide behind some committee when tough decisions have to be made.”

    Our ward has seen twenty-four years of an Alderman who makes decisions without consulting the community. Molly is pledging to continue the same iron-handed decision-making without community input. No wonder zoning attorneys are throwing money at her – they know she will do whatever they say since the “buck stops at her desk” – literally.

  2. re: Molly's Aversion to Plants:

    I think that everyone who has ever purchased a plant at Home Depot, Jewel, etc. (or ever gone to a public park, planted a tree or tomato, or driven on Lake Shore Drive or Irving Park Blvd and appreciated the planters in the Median) should vote against Molly.

    Phelan and her supporters seems to be very much against plants of any type.

    One of her South Side police supporters called me yesterday morning representing himself as associated with the FOP and polling for the Phelan campaign.

    He began to conduct a "PUSH" Poll with me (our household happens to be on the FOP list of people in Ward 46 who are involved / employed in Law Enforcement, and who have donated to police sports leagues in the past).

    Among this guy's push-poll questions (he said his name was "Irwin"):

    "Irwin" said "knowing that Cappleman's only crime agenda is to plant flowers on Halsted Street... would you vote for him or Phelan?"

    I asked him several times why he was asking about flowers, etc. "on Halsted".

    He said, you know, "Halsted Street is where he wants to plant flowers...there are pictures of it..." When pressed, he said that other streets would get flowers too, but the focus would be "on Halsted Street" under Cappleman.

    I called "Owen" at Molly's office and complained about this obvious and crude attempt to influence voters with these not-so-subtle and nasty lies.

    I gave "Owen" the details of this polling call and the cell phone # from which I had received it.

    I don't know whether others received similar calls, or whether Phelan has called off this effort - if not, such crude tactics will obviously blow up in her face.

    "Owen" expressed "concern" that this was happening, and he indicated that he knew FOP calls were being made yesterday, but he did NOT say whether the content of the calls made on their behalf that I relayed to him had been campaign-approved.

    [As I am writing this, I the phone rang and it was another poll - this one about the 46th Ward and issues here, and for whom I plan to vote, etc. from "For a Better Chicago" - I don't know why we are on all of these lists to call other than the fact that we vote regularly.

  3. All I have to say is that Phelan fails to immediately disown the direct and insinuated homophobic tactics--PERSONALLY, not through a written campaign statement--she will regret the day she decided to go down that path. That includes her apologizing to Cappleman and to the GLBT community for her own "flowerpot" comments. There is, in case she needs to be reminded, a significant gay and lesbian voting population in the Ward...and we don't like to be dissed, and we don't forgive or forget easily when we are being slighted. This crap needs to stop now, and if she can't own up to her responsibility to do something about it before the sun sets on Friday, then it will be abundantly clear that she isn't worth voting for. Molly, you said yourself, "...the buck will stop at my desk...." Let's see if you're big enough to admit your errors or if you're just going to continue to hide behind your parents' and great-grandfather's accomplishments without anything to show for yourself.

  4. BEar60640,

    Very dirty handed to accuse Molly of being homophobic on a blog.

    Did you not read Lauren's post?

  5. Relax Captain-

    If bear is offended by Molly and her team's constant belittling and perceives it as homophobic, he's not being undrhanded. A common trait of homophobes is to reduce a gay person's scope of and reaction to concerns is aesthetics. While I don't believe Molly to be homophobic having known her, this tactic can very legitimately be perceived as homophobic by the gay community.

  6. This is fun...

    I think the poster is wrong though in thinking Molly inadvertantly back dated the questionnaire; I think she's psychic. She knew Brendan would be endorsing her and she knew she'd have $225K even though she wouldn't have that until February.

  7. So has IVI-IPO endorsed anyone in the runoff?