Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Got Questions For The Candidates? Submit Them Today

If you'd like to ask a question of the candidates during the Great Debate, on Thursday, March, 24th, today is the deadline to do so.  From the Great Debate Facebook page:
Hi everyone! I'm compiling a list of questions for the debate. Have a question you'd like to be considered for the GREAT Debate? Send to greatdebate46@yahoo.com.

Categories for questions include:
  • Economic Development
  • Public Transportation
  • Housing
  • TIFs
  • Parks/Streets/Public Spaces
Deadline for questions -- Tuesday March 15th 8pm CDT. Let's have a GREAT Debate!


  1. Everyone ask Molly why the majority of her campaign funding comes from wealthy contributors who live outside the Ward (as previously reported by UU). Seriously, whose interests does she expect the residents of the 46th to believe she will be serving?

  2. Molly-- Why did you say at your UNC forum that Chicagoans should be wary of water privatization, yet now you're singing a different tune? Were you feeling out the opposition? I voted for Stewart and had planned to switch my vote to you, but now I doubt your trustworthiness. I had vowed not to vote for Cappleman but perhaps a meek alderman would be better than deceitful one.

  3. hoodcity,

    That question was asked already last night. If her answer wasnt sufficient enough for you, which it may not have been, I suggest you get the cajones to ask her yourself instead of having others do the work for you.

    You either don't pay attention, or feel obligated to continue to rehash things like that in such a demeaning manner. If you don't like it, it's better to state it instead of leaving open ended questions on a blog.

    Be smart and just state why you don't like the fact that she has contributions from outside of the ward. I am sure there are legit reasons, and I am sure many will agree with you. Your comment brings nothing to the table and you waste everyone's time leaving dribble like that.

    I by no means support Molly, but I'll state it again, Cappleman supporters like you only hurt the cause.

  4. Don't bother posting your questions here. Send 'em to the Great Debate committee if you want them asked.