Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gay Chicago Magazine: "Phelan Picks Up Another Big Backer From Outside 46th Ward"

GCM talks money:  How much and where it's coming from.

"Molly Phelan won the support and financial backing of powerful Ald. and City Council Finance Chairman Ed Burke (14th) last week, adding his $1,500 check to a campaign war chest largely filled with contributions from outside the 46th Ward.

Phelan, running for 46th Ward alderman in the April 5 runoff election against James Cappleman, has outraised Cappleman substantially, pulling in $222,583 as of March 11 versus Cappleman's $167,969, but a look at who's writing those checks shows that almost 70 percent of Phelan's contributions have come from outside the 46th Ward. That stands in stark contrast to Cappleman – 92 percent of his contributions have come from people and business owners in the 46th.

While Phelan has raised more money overall, Cappleman has raised his from more contributions, 361 as opposed to Phelan's 334. As expected, that means more of Phelan's campaign contributions have been large ones – she's gotten 94 donations of $1,000 or more, many of them from names connected with clout-heavy real estate, development and law firms downtown."

Read the entire article here.


  1. I just wish Phelan's crew would stop putting their signs in rights of way (which isn't kosher) and stealing all the Cappleman signs. It's skeevy.

  2. Where are all these campaign signs people speak of?

    I mean I see a few in people's windows, but for the most part that's about it.

    Why don't we create an ongoing thread where people post where they have spotted campaign signs on the public way.

    That way at night various idiots, to include me, can go out and steal the signs of either Cappleman or Phelan. Or if you're really industrious you can take down both campaign's signs.

  3. I wish someone would steal/remove all the Baskin signs on the street boxes.

  4. For that matter, Kaplan needs to take his down from the Catholic Workers House.. which, btw, as it is a non-profit.. that is REALLY illegal...

  5. Craigikins,

    dat's a good idea. I'm of the opinion that post election, candidates have a responsibility to remove their signs. Emily Stewart's gramps was seen removing her signs the day after the election. That says something about him and her campaign.

    Here's another one.

    Someone needs to start removing all the campaign signs in the public way and replacing them with the opponent's signs.

    So if you find a Cappleman sign take it down and put up a Phelan sign or vice versa.

    Think of the consternation and whining that will create.

  6. This is Lauren Peters. James Cappleman campaign manager.

    I've gotten a few phone calls about what some cappleman supporters have been writing on this blog about phelan's staff and phelan's staff's spouses.

    To the cappleman supporters: knock it off. you writing things about phelan's staff does not help james win this election.

    what will help james is you coming to volunteer for the campaign, making a donation to the campaign, telling your neighbors why they should vote for james.

    saying things slamming phelan's staff does not get us more supporters. plain and simple.

    lets be civil and stick to the facts.

    thanks everyone.

  7. Lauren,

    unless I missed something no one wrote anything about a Phelan staff spouse. Said spouse posted a comment defending her hubby and I and others responded. I happen to think the main "charge" against her husband is rather silly a nd said so, but that his actions and the actions of the Phelan campaign brought it on.

    That being said I agree that it's time for some Cappleman supporters here to stop typing and do something a bit more concrete. I've said that a number of times here. I guess it's time for me to stop typ.........

  8. Well since we've been asked to just stick to the facts here's the latest round of big money donors for Molly.

    Buck, John A
    One North Wacker
    Chicago, IL 60606 $2,000.00

    Phelan, Richard
    Occupation: Attorney
    Employer: Kearney & Phelan, Ltd. 1913 WESTLEIGH DRIVE
    Suite 806
    GLENVIEW, IL 60025 $1,000.00

    The second one is her dad I believe. The first one is Daddy Warbucks. Buck is one of the wealthier real estate developers in Chicago.

    I'm awaiting the sighting of another large donation for Molly from someone who actually lives in the 46th Ward. As hard as it is to believe it has actually happened a few times. It's a rare and mysterious event.

    Also the Capplemaniac received two similar donations from OUTSIDE the ward. A rare and mysterious event in itself.

    This is like Uptown Mystery Theater. Perhaps it can be a new show at "The Annoyance".

    If you see only one play this year don't let it be "Coed Prison Sluts". If you see two plays this year let the second be CPS.

  9. Ok more in the sticking to the facts theme we have going on.

    As of right now Phelan has 95 donations that amount to $1000 or more. These donations add up to $168,000 or so.

    About $25,000 of donations come from addresses in the ward and are heavily skewed toward real estate interests and attorneys donating.

    About $13,000 comes from her good buddy Brendan Reilly.

    Around $30,000 comes from the Chamber of Commerce and various umbrella real estate interest groups.

    The overwhelming majority of the rest comes from downtown attorneys and real estate interests.

    More in a few minutes after I peruse the Capplemaniacs $1000+ donations.

  10. Now discounting loans and donations from people named Cappleman or Thale the Capplemaniac campaign has taken in approximately $40,000 in donations of $1000+ in the last two years.

    Approximately $6000 of that comes from outside the ward.

    Now those numbers are rough, but in larger donations Cappleman is pulling about 85% plus of his money from the ward. Maybe higher because one big donor may actually live in the ward and be using a downtown business address. There is another local donor with the same last name as him.

    Now again it is an imperfect estimate, but Phelan is getting roughly 85% of per money from outside the ward. Now some of those folks may have business interests in the ward, but my informed guess is the number is small.

    There you have it folks.

    It's the difference between 85 and 85. Poetic ain't it.

    85 percent INSIDE the ward.

    85 percent OUTSIDE the ward.

    For those of you inclined to check out my math please play around with the state campaign donation website.

    What does this mean? Well it means those of us who support Cappleman need to work harder. If you can afford to donate then donate. If you can't afford the cash you can likely find the time to volunteer and you can certainly find the time to talk to your neighbors about the campaign.

  11. I've seen M.P signs pop up in odd, and somewhat inappropriate locations.
    But maybe thats me?

    Go J.C.!

  12. The John Buck Company would be a great step up for Uptown from the likes of Holstein. If Molly’s pro-Uptown development position and connections as a real estate attorney help us gain interest from well regarded major developers like John Buck that’s a good thing. I hope there is interest from lots of other established quality developers too. For far too long Alderman Shiller has steered projects to her favored inside circle of developers.

  13. Who cares how much Molly Phelan has raised from whom? It's about who has the best plans for the ward, right?