Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Gang Graffiti Across From Boys & Girls Club

A reader writes:  "I live on Gunnison, between Sheridan and Marine. On my way to work today I noticed two HUGE gang tags on the wall of the building on Sheridan on the West side of the street, diagonal from the Boys and Girl Clubs. One says LKN and the other GDN, Latin King and Gangster Disciple Nations. They seem to have been party scrubbed off, but are very very visible. I called 311 and requested graf blasters, but hope that others can do so too. This is not acceptable, and they are HUGE and very visible. Makes the area (where a kid was shot not too long ago) look like a gang warzone, which it is, but why do our kids have to see this everyday?"

Readers, if you want to call in the two tags to 311/Graffiti Blasters, please point out that they are less than six feet from the ground, that they are on unpainted brick, and most important, that they are right across the street from a Boys & Girls Club and an elementary school:
  • 4824 N Sheridan (side of Jacob Arvey Health Clinic)
  • 4800 N Sheridan (Lawrence side of JJ Peppers)
  • [New] SouthEast corner of Argyle and Kenmore, on the Kenmore side of the building


  1. It is King Week after all the national holiday of the Latin King Nation.

  2. The first tag, GDK, stands for Gangster Disciple Killer, not nation. The second is Latin King Nation.
    How sad. Hopefully these tags are quickly removed.

  3. I left a request for 311 on Sunday. That is BAD graffiti.

  4. a gang "warzone"? that is a little over dramatized. granted, there are certainly gang issues in this area but I lived close by and have no experienced anything close to a warzone.

  5. Yes, but this may be the start of it Kristi. This is obviously the Latin Kings dissing the more local gangs. There have been shootings between the two gangs during the past 2 summers. Let's get rid of this NOW.

  6. Just an FYI, this is still very much on the wall. Looks like it may have been washed a bit, but still visible and disturbing. If two gangs battling over turf with huge markings that call out the fact that they kill each other is not a warzone, not sure what is.