Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy, Busy

Anyone else remember Ald. Shiller's promise at the Wilson Yard TIF Amendment meeting a couple summers ago that nothing would be changed in the Wilson Yard TIF without an open meeting and full transparency?  Whoops!

At that point, the meeting was held to discuss Amendment No. Three.  But a reader in the know discovered that Ald. Shiller is submitting Amendment No. Five today. Anyone remember any Open Meetings about it? We sure don't.

"A City Hall friend told me Alderman Shiller tried to submit a fifth amendent to the Wilson Yards bond at last week's Finance Committee meeting. This was directly introduced to the Finance Committee, which is unusual. From what he caught, Alderman Shiller said it was to allow for an interest rate language change that would make it possible for the city to sell off the bonds, and remove their liability to guarantee them, but they weren't positive about that.

What they were sure about is that Committee Chair Ed Burke wouldn't let it be voted out of commitee because it had been submitted too late for the agenda.  Shiller objected, saying 'The deal dies if this doesn't happen today' (presumably with an underwriter), but Ed Burke with support from City's chief lawyer Mara Georges refused to budge due to Open Meetings notice requirements, but offered to recess the meeting and let them vote on it after proper notice before the next City council meetings.

They said from the tiny bit they heard that it didn't sound like a bad deal, just amazing that she seemed oblivious to open notice requirements, even when dealing with colleagues."


  1. I look forward to the day that she is just GONE.

  2. Ed Burke has been rather sensitive to the Open Meetings Act, of late.