Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bridgeview Bank Starts Three-Year Rehab Project

The scaffolding comes down (from the Sheridan Plaza)... the scaffolding goes up (at Bridgeview Bank).  From Business Partners' latest email blast:

"In a couple of weeks, a project led by Design and Solutions Systems will begin the facade construction project of the Bridgeview Bank Building.  The 3 year project will include rebuilding sides and removing cracked terracotta and replacing it.  If there is excessive noise during a meet, event, or appointment, the company will try to adjust their scheduling in certain parts of the building if you inform them prior.  The easiest method is to talk to the building security guards who then communicate it to the ground staff."

It's a gorgeous, historic building and we're glad it's being given the TLC it needs.  With the Bridgeview signage off the building on the Broadway side, you can see the shadow of the "Uptown National Bank" letters that were there for many years.


  1. I saw the remnants of the Uptown National Bank sign this morning. Kinda cool. Too bad this is going to take 3 years, but well worth it I suppose. This building is a gem!

  2. Good to know they are making this gem even more purdy! I love this building, even when I'm woken up by its violently windy flag. Its like being woken up by america.

    Maybe by the time this is complete, James will have stopped the violence, the Wilson Red Line will be the crown jewel of the north side, the Uptown Theatre will be up and running, folks will stop using our alley as their only toilet and our super tiny condo that I busted my ass getting a responsible mortgage for won't be worth $70,000 less then its purchase price. A Man can dream right.

  3. Worth the effort! This is a wonderful building, and investment in our community is great for ALL involved!