Friday, February 18, 2011

Sheridan Mean Streets

If you value your car's undercarriage and axles, take special precautions driving on Sheridan.  Right in front of Eastwood Towers (4640 N Sheridan, between Wilson and Leland), there's a dangerous pavement shift that's easily the length and width of a car, and about a foot deep at one corner.

The reader who alerted us about this says:  "I've called 311 and all they did was put cones in the hole. Be careful when driving down this street!"


  1. Welcome to pothole season, where while trying to avoid one you end up running over another. Another reason to drive the speed limit in Chicago.

  2. I don't understand why there has been constant work on that portion of Sheridan for 3 years now. First they tore it up in the center to put new sewers in I'm assuming. Then last year they tear it up and lay down new pavement. Now they tear this piece up for several weeks doing little work and half heartily fill it up only to leave this giant gaping hole?