Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seeing Double

A reader sent in these photos and points out,
"Not sure if you are receiving all the mail from candidates, but I thought this was hilarious. Carroll's piece arrived in my mailbox on Monday and Don's came Friday.

'Some see ______ , [candidate] sees opportunity.' They even use similar photos! Will Tuesday ever arrive?"

1 comment:

  1. I thought the Nowotny mailer was good. I didn't catch the similarity to the Carroll mailer.


    Stewart's mailers stand out in my mind if only for their size and the quality of the paper. It also helped that she highlighted the newspaper endorsements.

    Phelan's green and gold mailer was good, but may have gone out too early. The blizzard took everyone's minds off the election for a week. I won't mention the cop mailer because Jason says it's irrelevant.

    Cappelman's mailers created a nice theme as did Mike Carroll's.

    Kaplan's mailer.......snicker.

    I'm really looking forward to Tuesday night when we can narrow down the number of candidates to two.

    Eleven is simply too many and at least five of them seemingly have near zero chance to make the runoff;although, Shapiro did point the importance of the tea party to modern Uptown politics. Bang, bang. Oh, and the overriding issue of motorcycle helmet laws.