Wednesday, February 16, 2011

More Candidate Offices; Fewer Empty Storefronts

With so many candidates, the real winners so far in Uptown (and Lakeview, in one case) have been the owners of the empty storefronts that have been rented as candidate campaign offices.  Some were empty as long as three or four years. We've already seen Andy Lam's, Molly Phelan's, James Cappleman's, Michael Carroll's, Don Nowotny's, and Carol Moseley Braun's. Here are three more:

Scott Baskin (4007 N Broadway)

Mark Kaplan (4411 N Hazel)

Emily Stewart (3756 N. Broadway -
our photo is of the Halsted entrance of the "triangle building")


  1. The obvious irony, is that Helen has brought in new business, via her possible replacements.
    I wonder what the storefront rents are like at WY....has anyone occupied any of those?
    I'll have to look.

  2. gotta love that "Cash for gold" sign. ::sigh::