Thursday, February 3, 2011

Attention, Maryville Parkers!

One of the things we really love about Uptowners is that we're really good at organizing and doing things ourselves ... because we have to.  A lot.  Case in point:  The state of the Maryville parking lot, for which no one, apparently, takes responsibility, particularly apres-blizzard.  Amy writes:

"I hope you can help in this effort- I just sent this out to a mailing list of people that (we think) park in the Maryville lot, but I hope UU will be a good way to reach those who were not on the list:

I am writing to you to try to get some good ideas about how to resolve the need for snow removal in the Maryville parking lot, where you may park your car. A few people have shoveled out the areas around their cars, which has served to move more snow in front of other people's cars and to further block a common path for coming in and out of the lot. My concern is that this will continue to get worse before the snow actually melts.

How can we resolve this problem? Some ideas that have been shared with me so far:
  1. See if someone that parks in the lot knows someone with a snow plow who would be willing to come through the lot to clear a path for all cars to come in and out.
  2. Set up a Paypal account for everyone to contribute money to hire a plow for snow removal.
  3. Determine a time when everyone comes out and works together to remove the snow.
What do you think we can do? The alderman's office does not take responsibility for this lot, nor have the Maryville nuns in the past. Please share your ideas, and share them now!"

If you park there, or have any ideas, please write directly to Amy at the address hyperlinked.