Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Crain's Greg Hinz Finds Hope In Uptown

Yesterday Business Partners/Uptown United held a lunchtime 46th Ward candidates' forum for its members.  Greg Hinz of Crain's Chicago was the moderator.  He writes about it in his blog today.  And while we find a few aspects of his report erroneous*, we are heartened by the fact that he likes what's going on up here.   Read about it here.

*What did we quibble about?  Well, for one, Mr Hinz, the reason that the candidates didn't "lay out much detail on how to get the money to ...  reopen the Uptown Theater" is that it's not in the 46th Ward!  It's under the purview of 48th Ward alderman Mary Ann Smith and her successor.  Asking the 46th Ward alderman to get the money to reopen it is like asking him or her to get the money to reopen Meigs Field.  Ain't gonna happen unless the theatre is redistricted to the 46th Ward, and we don't see that happening anytime soon.

Another thing, the "ward superintendent with a ponytail" was not once a Franciscan monk -- that would be the "social worker who is president of a business organization and former head of a gay Catholic group."  Oh, and make that the past president of UCC.  We have a feeling, if Greg Hinz doesn't make a quick correction, that Don Nowotny will be fielding questions about his days in the monastery for a long time to come!

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