Monday, February 21, 2011

Candidates' Corner

Here's what we know.  If we've missed an endorsement, an article or an election night event that you'd like included, please let us know and we'll add to this list right up until tomorrow:

Election Night:
  • Scott Baskin and his campaign team will be at the campaign headquarters at 7:00 p.m. to review election results.  The campaign headquarters is located at 4007 North Broadway in Chicago.
  • Don Nowotny and supporters will be at 4616 N Magnolia, 3rd Floor, from 7pm-9pm
  • Molly Phelan and supporters will be at the Kit Kat Club (3700 N Halsted) from 7-10pm (half price martinis)
  • Michael Carroll and supporters will be at Michael's Pizzeria and Tavern  (4091 N Broadway) from 7-10pm
  • James Cappleman and supporters will be at Nick's Uptown, 4015 N Sheridan, 7-midnight.
  • Befekadu Retta and supporters will be at the Ethiopian Diamond Restaurant, 6120 N Broadway, after 7pm
  • [New] Caitlin McIntyre and supporters will be at F. O'Mahony's, 3701 N Broadway from 7-10pm
  • [New] Emily Stewart and supporters will be at The North End, 3733 N Halsted, starting at 7pm.  "All are welcome"
Previous lists of endorsements are here and here.


  1. Marc Kaplan will be having his "victory in defeat" soiree over at the Catholic Workers House on Kenmore.

    It's a BYOP* party.

    *Bring you own pretension/and or psychosis gathering.

  2. The current issue of Grab Magazine has an in-depth interview with Molly Phelan as well.

  3. UD,

    since I had never heard of Grab Magazine I let "the google" find the webpage.

    Let it be written, let it be said that the Irishpirate is a fountain of fairness.

    Bon apetit!

  4. Speaking of Marc Kaplan, he claims the endorsement of "SEIU Local 73" on his mailer, but when I look at the list of endorsed candidates he's not on it. Maybe i'm looking in the wrong place.

  5. Um, is Ethiopian Diamond even in the 46th ward? If you were running for alderperson, don't you think that any kind of event should actually be in the ward you are trying to represent?

  6. Equality IL PAC and the organization has problems of it's own with transparency so I can see why they wouldn't back a more transparent candidate.

    Why don't come clean with what they did Rick Garcia.

  7. Here's my personal prediction:
    Cappleman 22%,
    Molly 18%,
    Don 10%,
    Emily 10%
    Mike Carroll 10%.

    After that, it'll drop off into the single digits for the rest. (I know GCM endorsed Don. This is a prediction, not an endorsement)

    Sandra Reed gets more write-in votes than at least 2 candidates.

    All bets are off if Helen gets the troops out for Don.

    Best candidate election party venue - The Kit Kat. No matter the outcome, 1/2 Martinis sure sounds tasty.

    To all the candidates, good luck. 30 hours from now there will be two.

  8. Don't forget to post the endorsement of the Irish Pirate since he seems to be in charge of the blog.

    In fact, why not just rename it Irish Pirate's Uptown Update. Just sayin.

  9. Coney,

    I bring out the best in some people. Itza gift from the Almighty.

    Now I'm sorry that you and me support different candidates. I'd prefer you see the light and support my candidate.

    In any case my memory is that you support Mike Carroll and I would not be totally surprised if he makes the runoff tomorrow. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't for that matter.

    Tomorrow will prove interesting to watch.

    By the way based on signage if trees could vote Phelan would win and if newpaper boxes could vote Baskin would triumph.

    I was in the Lakeview section of our fine ward earlier today and those candidates have tied up those votes with their flyers.

    My prediction. I will annoy some people tomorrow.

  10. By when can we expect the votes to be tallied tomorrow night?

  11. I think the local news folks are kicking in their coverage around 9pm.

  12. The Chicago Board of Elections website should start posting numbers around 8pm and updating them throughout the night as precincts call in.

    Various campaigns will have their pollwatchers calling in and I think by 8:30-9:00 we here at IrishPirate Uptown Update should at least know the top vote getter and possibly the second vote getter. That depends on how close the tallies are as the precincts come in.

    It wouldn't surprise me if some of the candidates are within a few dozen votes of one another.

    Now Coney, I need your opinion.

    Well an opinion.

    Tomorrow, I've decided since I've completed my hostile takeover of UU to do a live vblogging thing.

    Do I go with the music from the Star Wars Cantina scene or the Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 from about 6:50 minutes as background music?

  13. So, after tonight, it's down to 2. But I'm kinda going to miss everyone else. I hope they still continue to attend CAPS meetings, block parties, etc...

  14. Hate to break up this election banter. Shots fired. 925 West Carmen: One teen hit.

    Looking for light skinned, male, black teen, black puffy coat, black jeans, riding on a dirt bike.

  15. Meh...

    I am getting bored with this. However, I will pipe in.

    I am supporting Molly. I voted for James last time, I like him very much. Carroll would be my third, and then Don. Don is the lesser evil of the Shiller-like candidates.

    Though I like James, I think that Cappleman loses in a runoff in all cases except against maybe Carroll. The Couraj supporters would be quite torn in that situation! Molly has a better chance of beating some of the odd candidates.

    As far as the donations, the campaign literature shenanigans, I just don't care.

    On another note, I also have no problem with candidates hiring family and friends for Shackman-Exempt positions. You have to have people you trust and know working for you.

    Finally, UU is a Cappleman supporter. (I don't buy the six people supporting six different candidates argument.) I do however think UU has done a pretty good job serving the community and keeping us all informed despite this bias, which is admiral. Especially since it is volunteer! That is difficult to do. It is actually a good reflection on Cappleman.

    Thanks UU! Here is to a better Uptown!

    But if it turns out that it is a Retta-Stewart runoff I am going to be pissed!

  16. jason(tfo) - you explain why you are not voting for the other candidates, but you don't really make a strong case for Molly, which confuses me. You say you don't care about her flaws, but what sells you on her?

  17. Don N. has some big money LGBT members behind him that is for sure and those in the community that aren't tend to think if they vote for him they are too.

  18. jason (tfo):

    I do however think UU has done a pretty good job serving the community and keeping us all informed despite this bias, which is admiral.

    I think it's major...

    Get it? Admiral? Major?

  19. Meg,

    I do not speak for Molly. I don't really want to "root" for her on this blog because I find it tacky.

    I will say that I feel she has a grasp on the complexities of City government financing and the real problems the City faces. It is just my personal opinion. I deal with Aldermen who have no idea what they are talking about all of the time. It is often a laugher!

    Cheers! Time to finish my wine and listening to some jazz... ummm... good times.

  20. @ Dunleavy...

    LOL. Damn autocorrect!


    @ R: I know nothing about LBGT politics but it would surprise me if the supported Don over James. But what do I know?

    @IP: BTW you have not annoyed me in like two weeks!

  21. Alright, I'll chime in on why I like Molly over the others. First, let me say that I really had a tough time deciding between Molly and James. And if there is a runoff between the two, I could be persuaded to change sides. Molly has many contributions from outside of the ward, including many real estate attorneys. Will those translate into votes from 46th Ward residents? We'll see. For the most part, people on this blog view that as very evil. I don't, and here's why. If Molly has connections to bring businesses and market rate housing into the area, fantastic. How many times have people complained when a new wig store has opened up in the neigborhood? Maybe she has the ability to bring in the Potbelly's, the Kuma's Corners, the Five Guys. From speaking with her, I have found that she is a big music fan and that she wants to build up the entertainment area around Lawrence and Broadway (partly in 48th). If she can bring in legitimate businesses that care about good relations with the community, they will police the areas around their real estate and crime will suffer. Her missteps in the past week or so aside, my impression is that staunch Cappleman supporters are a bit intimidated by her. All that being said, I am hopeful that the changing of the guard is going to make a wonderful difference soon.

  22. 35 minutes and counting on the UU aldermanic races ticker.

    365 days ago it seemed like this day might never come.

    Please, everyone: Don't make excuses tomorrow. Leave work early, go in late, get a neighbor to watch the kids....just make it to the voting booth!!!!

  23. OK, one more comment! I read the article in Grab.

    However, my comment has nothing to do with Molly. What annoys me is Emily Stewart's ad in the magazine. It says, "Help elect the first openly lesbian member of the City Council."

    Who Cares?

    I am a straight, single white male. Again, who cares?

    Who cares if you are white, black, gay, lesbian. How are you going to solve the problems?

    If you want to be "historic" try solving the City's problems.

    Why is being a lesbian a qualification for office?

    One of my lesbian friends ran for judge. I voted for her because I thought she would be a good judge. I only knew she was a lesbian because she adopted a child with her "partner" (for lack of a better term.)

    Its BS and insulting.

  24. Finally, UU is a Cappleman supporter. (I don't buy the six people supporting six different candidates argument.)

    Oh, Jason (tfo), you remind me of my crotchety old grandfather, who so desperately wanted to be a man of reason that he tried to twist facts around to support his opinions. Because, basically, he was a man of strong opinions, facts be damned, and he tried and tried so hard to twist truths to make it look like he was a creature of cold, hard logic.

    You say you don't believe Lauren Peters' post about what happened Saturday. Yet she wrote us tonight that not a single person had contacted her about what happened. So you just made up your mind without investigating the facts and said you didn't believe her. (I'm glad you aren't MY lawyer, buckaroo!)

    You've decided that UU is a Cappleman supporter. Yet there are no facts to support that. In fact, you yourself have said our coverage has been unbiased. I'm sure if you or "Dave" had found any evidence of JC's campaign leaving off required legal information, you would have tripped over each other getting it to us. Kick us in the butt for reporting illegal campaign maneuvers! Terribly biased, right?

    You say that you don't believe the six people behind UU support six different candidates. That's a straw man argument -- you made it up! I said that we are not endorsing a candidate because there are six of us and we support different candidates. Not six different candidates. I'm not going to tell you how many, just to watch you twist in the wind wondering.

    Finally, let me reveal what your "cold, hard logic" is based on: When you first started reading the blog several years ago, you sniffed out that we had deleted some posts containing racially offensive language. Even though we didn't know you from Adam, you told us that we needed to send you the language of the deleted posts because you were curious about what they said and that your good friend Molly Phelan would vouch for you. It sticks in our collective minds because it was SUCH an outrageous request! This was long before Molly had made any mention of running for office, at least publicly.

    So, you're supporting a friend's candidacy. Good for you; Molly's lucky to have such a loyal friend. But it doesn't mean "Dave" didn't harass Cappleman's worker, it doesn't mean UU supports Cappleman, and it certainly doesn't mean we support six different candidates.

    Vote for Molly, have fun at the Kit Kat Klub tonight, and don't call us liars because those inconvenient facts don't always jibe with your loyalty to your friend. Or else I'm just gonna have to call you Grampappy. :-)

  25. Ouch! I got the tongue lashing for UU!

    "I said that we are not endorsing a candidate because there are six of us and we support different candidates."

    Sorry if I got that wrong.

    I am not sure what the point of the rest of the post was. When I first started reading this blog I had never really read or commented on blogs before and could not belie3ve the outrageous things people say when they are anonymous on line!

    I was curious I guess.

    I am totally changing my user name to gram-pappy now.


  26. i know what the rest of the post was for - to characterize you as a campaigner here supporting molly, as opposed to how you tried to come off (undecided originally, but now decided on molly). and, grandpappy is better than jason(tfo); go for it!

  27. Strange that you would leave off the biggest endorsements of this election: The Sun-Times AND Chicago Tribune endorsed Emily Stewart.

    It doesn't seem very balanced to exclude those endorsements.

  28. @Dr. Brain
    Strange you didn't click the links for the previous endorsements at the bottom of the post because there you would see the endorsements for Emily. With 11 candidates getting endorsements, there have been MULTIPLE postings on endorsements.
    You're welcome.

  29. “Marc Kaplan will be having his "victory in defeat" soiree over at the Catholic Workers House on Kenmore.

    It's a BYOP* party.

    *Bring you own pretension/and or psychosis gathering.”

    Does it make you feel big, IP, to make asinine comments such as these? Funny? Clever, perhaps? Mental illness is nothing to laugh at. Plenty of good people suffer from it (as do their families), and the last thing they need is your condescension. It sounds like you have plenty of pretension to go around… did you happen to attend said party?

    My guess is that you don’t even know any of the folks who live / volunteer at St. Francis House. If you did, maybe you would realize that it’s not just a house full of “crazies” bringing down your property values. It is a place of refuge and temporary housing for people trying to improve their lot in life. I’m guessing you also don’t realize that many CW guests have fled from war-torn countries and are currently battling our country’s wretched immigration process. Is that a situation to laugh at, IP? Do you assume that just because someone with mental illness is welcome to visit the CW for a sandwich and to warm their hands, the entire house deserves your ridicule?

    I’m not posting this to start another UU squabble, and I don’t intend to sit on here and bicker like a bunch of children. But do us all a favor – Stop being such an ass.

  30. Alisha,

    my familiarity with the Catholic Worker's hacienda is limited to the professional agitators who live there. The types who protest outside military bases,end up in the Federal pokie, and then preach to everyone about how evil society is. You know.....the kinda people who put up Marc Kaplan 4 aldercritter signs in their window.

    Now I don't know if that property is off the tax rolls, but if it is then the political signage is a big bozo no no. Render unto Caesar and all that..........

    I was unaware there were any political refugees there. If I had been aware I might not have made the comment or been more specific as to who I was referring to.

    So let's just say the comment was directed at the pretentious know it all lefties who are just as annoying as the imperial know it all righties. Ok.

    As for me being an "ass" what is the sound a donkey makes?

    Hee haw. Hee Haw.

  31. FYI from the CW website:
    "St. Francis House is supported entirely by personal donations and earnings; it receives no government, Church, or corporate funding. We are not recognized by the government as a non-profit organization, thus donations to the house are not tax deductible."

    "There are 150-200 Catholic Worker houses in the US and other countries, but there are no organizational ties to the Roman Catholic hierarchy and Catholic Worker Houses are not dependent on it for support. Each CW house is run solely by the people who work there, most of whom live in community at the house itself."

    So... I believe those "annoying lefties" you speak of are free to openly support anyone they darn well please.

  32. Well then the annoying lefties can post political signs in their windows without any repercussion.