Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can You Dig It?

"I wanted to let you and your readers know that a team of volunteers from the Michael Carroll for 46th Ward campaign will be available for residents of the neighborhood in order to assist them in getting their cars out of snow covered parking spots.  Keep an eye out for our silver campaign Jeep Wrangler with the wooden toboggan on the roof.  Flag us down, we have tow straps, shovels and plenty of volunteer muscle available to help residents all day Wednesday.  

Stop in the campaign office at 4700 N. on Sheridan to request assistance in person.  We will continue to have staff in the office throughout the night and all day Wednesday to help assist residents in any way possible.  

If you or anyone you know needs help getting their car out of the snow, call the Carroll for 46 office at 773.627.1410.  The service is 100% free of charge and is open to anyone (from any campaign).  It's days like this that the residents of the 46th Ward need to stick together to help each other out!
-- Mark Carroll"


  1. And CHAIRS; don't forget that time-honored Chicago tradition of putting CHAIRS (perhaps with a campaign logo on them?) In the spot that you've dug out!

    I won't be needing their services today myself, but if I did I'd thank these folks and give them some nice piping-hot cocoa!

  2. @Local Lassie-
    I hope you would be offering a lactose-free version of your cocoa as well. What about those folks who don't like cocoa? What about a nice oolong tea?

  3. Sorry, I only do cocoa and coffee.

    Hope the other candidates and incumbents will step up to the plate as well.

  4. This is what community is all about....

    If Mike can motivate people to help each other out, he is one of the good guys (not that that is in dispute).

    Still have not decided who I am going to vote for, but that's not going to be my focus today.

  5. Thanks guys for doing this! I will probable be calling your office sometime today to get my girlfriends Parents car unstuck!

  6. I agree, LL. I hope there are plenty of cameras around to capture the moment so that we can be sure to realize that any candidate doing this is indeed just being a public servant and not making this political.

    I wonder if candidates doing this now will be doing this after they lose the election? I'm more likely to notice this type of thing if the candidate was doing this before he or she decided to run for public office. Bonus points if he or she was not getting paid to do it.

  7. Around here, Marine Drive & Montrose, all around the condo`s alot of cars are stuck. LSD still looks to be closed. The side-streets are too snow covered. I took my jeep out but too many cars left in the middle of the streets to get around. Backed back in the garage. My adive is stay put and good luck if you have to dig your car out.

  8. Is anyone else wondering about Don Nowotny? Isn't he the head of Streets and San for our ward? I just read how Alderman Joe Moreno paid for ATVs to plow sidewalks in the first ward.

  9. @Stash - Yeah, this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Carroll's running for Alderman. Right.

    @Laura -- Rumor on the streets is that the Ward Superintendents took the night off last night. I don't know if its true or not. I imagine if the side streets get plowed today, Nowotny will take credit. If not, he'll be blamed.

  10. Who needs these guys? I spent the morning with neighbors clearing our alley. We were all laughing and joking around helping each other out. And none of us are running for office, and none of us even know each other!

  11. Laura and YDD -- stop the bashing for a second. Nowotny is on leave from S&S and has been for months.


  12. @TrumanSquare -

    Didn't know that. But I'm guessing most voters don't either, since the literature I've received from him puts "46th Ward Superintendent for Streets and Sanitation" at the top of his resume.

    Which REALLY sucks for Don, because it means that if they DO actually get our streets cleaned today, he can't take credit, and voters like me who had no idea he's no longer in charge could blame him.

    Incumbency has its Ups and Downs, but Leave-of-Absence really sucks!

    P.S. I still hope we get an answer on whether Don's replacement was working last night!

  13. Sure it's political but it's also an awesome thing to do.

    James Cappleman showing up after one of the shootings really impressed me and although this isn't a shooting, this move by Mike Carrol impresses me as well.

    Not everyone has awesome neighbors or housemates.

    Can't something be political and also be an nice thing to do? Isn't this a small scale action of exactly what we want our alderman/woman to do for us? Help us when we need it?

    (also, I'd say this about any candidate who put out something like this)

  14. Local Lassie, I think Uptown Updater is teasing you because you always say the weirdest, most tangential things every time you post, so I'm surprised you aren't talking about free-trade cocoa or vegan options, or chair reupholstering, or whether Hondas are American or Japanese cars. It wouldn't be out of character! (Love the oolong tea comment!)

  15. I didn't get my Tribune delivery today. Can Mike Carroll send out someone to deliver it?

    Here's a different viewpoint.,0,6171753.story

    Got two phone calls last night from campaign volunteers for their candidates. My suggestion.......
    lay off the calls for a few days guys and gals.

    Also if you can't walk or train to a destination don't plan on going anywhere.

  16. Hey all, we're still out on the streets helping people out, just stopped by the office to grab some lunch real quick. We'll be out on the street all day, a lot of stuck cars out in 46. Call us if you need a hand!


    (Michael's twin brother)

  17. Not in the ward, so I guess my opinion doesnt count. But, I've known Michael Carroll and his brother Mark for a long time. This doesn't surprise me, in fact, I bet they'd be doing this even if Mike wasn't running. He's a good neighbor. Since he is running, he can get word out that he's a good neighbor. Forget the cynics Mike, and good on you.

  18. Thanks guys for getting my Gf's parents car unstuck! Nice seeing one of the candidates out and about doing something for the ward!

  19. too bad I'm just out of the ward boundaries in the 48th...

  20. Hey, i helped shovel out two cars, the elderly woman's walk around the corner.

    Should I run for Mayor or Congress?

    Just kidding Mike. Nice of you to lend a hand. Let's just not pretend its not political. Snow is the Third Rail of Chicago politics.

  21. kudos for helping out... politics aside.

  22. Thank you very much to Michael Carroll and his crew for digging out an abandoned car in the middle of our alley from out of a huge snow drift and then pushing it clear. My neighbors were grateful for the help and I give Michael a lot of credit and thanks for taking the initiative to help out. Too bad other candidates didn’t think to do so too.

  23. Janis, too bad the vast majority of candidates waited until they declared their run for office first before deciding to help out in the community. Too little too late now.