Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buena Circle Playlot Dump

A reader sends in the following pic and info:
"My wife sent me a text yesterday morning after watching a front end loader pick up melting snow from the street around the Buena Circle Playlot and dump it into the playlot. While it may be snow and will ultimately melt, it is full of dirt, grime, salt and other trash that has collected since the blizzard. Is dumping it in a children's playlot the right place to put all of this waste? Not only do the neighborhood kids play there, but school children from St. Marys play there on a daily basis when the weather permits.

The rate the weather is going, it is all going to be melted by Sunday anyways. So why the need to start scooping it up now and dumping it into the playlot. They cleaned the entire way around the park putting multiple piles throughout various parts of the playground.

From the front end loader, it is hard to tell who it belongs to. Can't tell if if it is Streets and Sanitation or some other entity. Kinda ironic if it is streets and sanitation and pro Nowotny signs hang from the building next door.

Frustrating someone saw the need to remove the melting snow and dump it in the playground."


  1. I'd be awfully surprised if it was a streets and san vehicle, mainly because it's pretty late in the game to be using a front end loader to move snow...especially since it's melting.

  2. At that location the snow could just as easily have been dumped to the west of the park and under the portion of the EL that has no alley.

    My guess a city contractor trying to make a buck off the emergency contracts issued during the blizzard.

    At this point all the snow that's not in ten foot piles will be gone in a few days anyway.

    As for the park being dirty........well give it a few days. When the snow is gone many of us are going to need to go out with some bags and start removing the formerly hidden garbage and dog crap.

  3. Yes-wait til it is all melted and there will be alot of trash on ground plus plenty of dog droppings not even in bags.

  4. I'm starting to see the empty beer cans and candy wrappers emerging from their winter hibernation.

  5. I saw this happen as well. I believe it was a park district front loader, and the snow (and grime) was going into the east end of the park (the green grassy portion), not the playlot.