Saturday, February 19, 2011

Borders Sale Starts Today


  1. I am so sad about this, it was a great spot for people to go! It will remain empty, and I feel like the little businesses around it will maybe close soon. :( Just sad!!!

  2. If we want the little businesses to stick around, we should prevent them from wanting or having to leave.

    Shop local, y'all.

  3. It is nice to know that some things in the ward are still for sale. Like our candidates.

    Seems like Phelan keeps on raking the contributions in from OUTside the ward:

    It must be about $50,000 over the last few weeks.

    Occupation: Information Requested
    Employer: Information Requested 375 WEST ERIE
    Chicago, IL 60610 $1,000.00
    2/18/2011 1A

    Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce PAC 200 E. Randolph Street
    Chicago, IL 60601 $2,500.00
    2/18/2011 2A

    Fl 1
    Chicago, IL 60647-5443 $1,000.00
    2/18/2011 1A

    SUITE 300
    CHICAGO, IL 60659 $1,000.00
    2/17/2011 1A

    Richard Melman Real Estate Acct 5419 N Sheridan Road
    Chicago, IL 60640 $2,500.00

    In other candidate contributions Stewart, Carroll and Cappleman have all had a few recent larger contributions.

    Nothing to compare with Phelan. Hopefully she will throw some of it the way of that police officer who appeared in her campaign flyer. He may need some money to help pay for an attorney if the department investigates him.

    If Phelan makes the runoff I will personally be contacting the department to file a complaint. I am surprised no candidates filed a complaint yet. Maybe they hope to use it against her if she makes the runoff.

  4. ... and this is relevant to the sale at Borders ... how, exactly?

  5. Yo Yo Yo

    perhaps Molly will hold a fundraiser in the soon to be vacant Borders space.

    Ya gotta work with it, Yo.

    There are no recent threads to post that kinda stuff on.

    Can we please get an election thread?

    Pretty please!

    I'm in pain here. I gotz lotsa stuff I wanna say about all the final campaign mailings I received yesterday and I got no place to post.


    I'm sure more posters besides Ken Doll and myself want to post.


    Just a little thread. A Teeny little thread. I'll try to play nice so you can post my comments.*

    *apparently yesterday I was off my meds** and made an over the top comment regarding one of the commenters that was not posted.

    **by meds I mean I drank too much.

  6. It is a shame as it was a really nice addition to our area. I went to the sale this morning and even with the discounts I can still read them on my book reader for pennies compaired to the price of books they are selling with deep discounts. I guess thats part of the reason alot of book stores have closed down.

  7. I am torn here -

    Molly is appears to be attracting money from the types of organizations I want to see investing in our Ward (that have stayed away for too long in my opinion).

    For example, I would LOVE to see Lettuce Entertain You open a restaurant in 46!

    On the flipside, Cappleman (among others) appears to be running a very genuine grass roots campaign largely supported by the people that live here and that he would be working directly for.

    I am curious to hear others' thoughts on this.

    Let's face it, it costs a lot to run a campaign. I wish it wasn't true, but it is...

    IF we elect the right person, we are going to see a FLOOD of money pour into the Ward from Outside the Ward. That's how capitalism works people...

    IF we elect the right person, they will balance the requirements of investors (who we so need) with the needs of the community.

    Mark my words - If we involve everyone, you CAN balance the needs to many of your constituents.

    Would love to hear from Molly why she is accepting all this money from Outside the Ward. We can see who's donating, so why not just explain to people why it makes sense to form relationships with some of these organizations?

    Disclaimer - Still have not decided...Really tough call here.

  8. Why is money from the ominous "Outside the Ward" so taboo to some of you?

    The 46th ward has made it a practice to keep money from entering the ward for two decades. That's not a business model, that is the cycle of poverty.

    Ultimately, that policy failed, as housing stock has improved, buildings have been rehabbed, and businesses have moved in. With a new alderman, that is likely to continue.

    Any candidate that runs for office and refuses donations tells me one of 3 things:

    1) They are weak-minded, and fear that they will be corrupted, swindled, and easily influenced. They do not realize that the check they just received is someone buying into THEIR philosophy, not the reverse.

    2) They enjoy the status quo, where only those already within the ward hope to invest in it.

    3) They wish to lose.

    Have I missed one?

  9. El Barto,

    we really need a separate thread for this discussion.

    Please UU.

    How about a thread asking about what people see happening election wise in da ward?

    I saw numerous campaign volunteers out today.

    Lotsa flyers on doors.

    Come on, just a wee little thread.

    It can be "Wafer Thin". Just think of me as the Mr Creosote of Uptown.

  10. Crazy lines at Borders today. WOW!!

  11. I keep telling my friends that I'm going to handcuff myself to a bookcase.

  12. Okay everyone here is complaining about this closing but, over the past five years that I've lived in the 46th this store was never busy no need to wait i line -- never had what was needed on the shelf (I always had to go to the Michigan Avenue store or State Street -- I'm talking new releases people.)) Lincoln Avenue was busier so was the Evanston store. All are closing...i guess it is time to upgrade to an ebook reader...