Tuesday, February 22, 2011

As The Election Results Come In...

The polls have closed in Uptown. Here are a few links to check and refresh for up to date election results:

Chicago Board of Election, 46th Ward

ABC 7 Election Results

Chicago Tribune Election Center

47 out of 47 precincts (100.00 %) FINAL

Alderman - Ward 46 - 13,807 total votes cast

MOLLY PHELAN 2,712 19.64%
JAMES CAPPLEMAN 2,706 19.60%
EMILY STEWART 2,018 14.62%
DON NOWOTNY 1,591 11.52%
MARC KAPLAN 1,331 9.64%
SCOTT BASKIN 821 5.95%
ANDY W. LAM 186 1.35%


  1. Alderman 46th Ward
    31 out of 47 precincts (65.96 %)

    BEFEKADU T. RETTA 368 4.18 %
    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 1,774 20.15 %
    MICHAEL CARROLL 779 8.85 %
    DON NOWOTNY 924 10.50 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 1,794 20.38 %
    DIANE SHAPIRO 288 3.27 %
    ANDY W. LAM 134 1.52 %
    EMILY STEWART 1,263 14.35 %
    MARC KAPLAN 884 10.04 %
    CAITLIN MCINTYRE 87 0.99 %
    SCOTT BASKIN 508 5.77 %

  2. And here come James and Molly out of the gate!

  3. It's nearly over folks.

    Cappleman slightly ahead of Phelan......see ya at the runoff.

    Alderman 46th Ward
    41 out of 47 precincts (87.23 %)

    BEFEKADU T. RETTA 505 4.30 %
    MARY ANNE ''MOLLY'' PHELAN 2,314 19.71 %
    MICHAEL CARROLL 1,029 8.76 %
    DON NOWOTNY 1,308 11.14 %
    JAMES CAPPLEMAN 2,370 20.19 %
    DIANE SHAPIRO 379 3.23 %
    ANDY W. LAM 156 1.33 %
    EMILY STEWART 1,691 14.40 %
    MARC KAPLAN 1,189 10.13 %
    CAITLIN MCINTYRE 119 1.01 %
    SCOTT BASKIN 681 5.80 %

  4. Do these stats include early votes, too?

  5. A runoff with two excellent choices...

    Buh Bye Helen.

  6. The two biggest Schiller critics heading to the run off.

  7. Looking good:
    Updated 7:54 p.m.
    Source: Associated Press
    Candidate Votes Pct.
    Cappleman 2,520 20.3%
    Phelan 2,440 19.7%
    Stewart 1,756 14.2%
    Nowotny 1,370 11.1%
    Kaplan 1,292 10.4%
    Carroll 1,090 8.8%
    Baskin 697 5.6%
    Retta 547 4.4%
    Shapiro 391 3.2%
    Lam 171 1.4%
    McIntyre 122 1.0%

  8. This could not have worked out any better. Change is coming to Uptown! And just to make UU happy I changed my profile name. Bonus.

  9. It's all so fascinating!
    J.C. in the lead....yeah!

  10. I gotta think that JC cleans up in the runoff. He should get a much higher percentage from Emily Stewart and Kaplan and Nowotny voters. Carroll probably splits about 50-50. Not sure where Retta or Baskin voters go.

  11. Damn.

    I was looking forward to an IP-free March


  12. Great news, I will be happy with either James or Molly.

  13. Yo,

    they're only about 20 votes apart.

    I might have to disappear yet.

    Or I could call it a statistical tie.

    Which it really appears to be.

  14. I wouldn't have called it like this. Very interesting.

    Maybe this way I'll get to meet Sassy Irish Lass and the rest of the crew!

  15. The U.S.S. Helen is taking on water and plummeting, woooooo-hooooooo!!! The piles of bricks I'm tossing onto the deck probably aren't helping.

    So a Molly and James run-off, I predict a tight 7 round fight with Molly getting TKO'd in the end. That dog in Molly's corner is just going to run out of steam. The final victory will look like the end of Rocky IV with James standing battered but victorious talking about bringing us all together as one and asking, "can't we all just get along"


  16. WindyCity Bird of Prey,

    the runoff will be interesting.

    Phelan will probably continue to pull in massive amounts of cash and another big question is who does Rahm support directly or indirectly.

    It seems like he will have the money and time to get involved in the aldermanic runoffs.

  17. UU needs to do a new clock...# of Days after Helen!!!

  18. The piles of bricks I'm tossing onto the deck probably aren't helping.


    As an added bit of fun, I think we're looking at a resounding rejection of Helen's legacy.

  19. forgot to add this:


    yeah baby, tonight's a night lost to the words of IP, it's going to be a two hooker night!

  20. Given the fact there will be no Mayoral runoff...wonder how many voters will come out to vote for Alderman...

  21. -yo

    If it's found that Helen's immortalized, adorable little wicked witch of the west stone gets chiseled off the face of Uplift in the middle of the night by lawless hoodlums, I don't know anything about it.....

  22. BTW--Nice to see that Trib and Sun Times endorsement went to good use

  23. Wow - couldn't be happier! The next 2 months will be even more interesting - but so glad that a lot of the no so great candidates were weeded out. We are in for some good change folks!

    Keep the lights on, I'm staying!

  24. Bigger turnout than I tought. Everyone ended up where I thought they would, except Stewart and Kaplan did better than I thought and Carroll and Nowotny did worse. Both Cappleman and Phelan will have to woo Shiller voters (Sewart, Kaplan, Nowotny, Retta, etc.) now. That will be interesting.

  25. and in the 47th Ward the machine backed guy, O'Donnell, seems to be losing to a policy wonk of Indian descent,Pawar.

    Ain't America great!

    The "Fighting 47th" just went down for the count.

  26. Action,

    Sweet irony: having "Clam Chowder" spray painted over that particular part of the mural.

  27. YO, not to get technical, but what I scrubbed off my garage door was 'Clam Chouder'

    Same thing, only a few ticks lower on the I.Q. scale.

    I love Uptown!

  28. That would be hilarious and the first time I would actually love seeing a tagging in the hood.

    Any predictions as to where our dear soon to be ex-aldercritter ends up in the neighborhood?

    I'd get a kick out of seeing her working the register earning some post retirement scratch at da Spot on Broadway. Sagging jeans and over sized t-shirt and all, I mean really playing the part. I'd also love to see her open a nail salon/beauty parlor in one of the vacant Wilson Yard storefronts.

  29. It's nice to see that the people wanting change turned out. Thanks to all of our neighbors! It's also a relief that the "change" vote was only meaningfully split between 2 candidates. I was nervous that the "business as usual" faction would be more united, and the change vote would be split too broadly.

    I couldn't be happier with tonight's outcome. I do have an opinion about which is the better choice between the two, but either is a symbolic step in the right direction.

    This is only a very small step in fixing a very big problem, but for the first time in the last 4 years, I have HOPE!

  30. Action - you forget, we'll be footing the bill for her full pension - she doesn't need to work.

    Which, shouldn't be too big a shift for her.

    Now, Denice on the other hand ..

  31. it's also great with all the damn Lam signs I've seen (and torn down)plastered on everything recently, that he did so pitifully...Nothing personal against the guy, maybe just the few volunteer putzes that have been creating about 10,000 pounds of waste material the past few days that will likely end up becoming litter.

    Too bad Don crashed and burned, I guess its on to greener pastures as being Yanni's stunt double

  32. yo - you mentioned Denise. Whaaa haaa haaa ha! Bet she isn't doing a happy dance now. Poor Denise...

  33. These are fantastic results. While tomorrow James and Molly will have to start battling each other, for tonight I'm celebrating both of their top tier finishes. They've both contributed much to the ward, and I'm happy that one of them will be my next alderman.

    And there could not be a greater repudiation of Helen's failed social experiment. The two top vote getters by a comfortable margin were the constant thorns in her side, and those who wanted to claim her mantle were left behind in the dust.

    Any bets on what Laura Washington will have to say about this?

  34. The runoff bodes well for our Neighborhoods chronic inebriates as they will have another paid week courtesy of the Phelen campaign. When she mobilizes her paid workers to take on the Cappleman volunteer crew in April.

  35. Poor Denise, indeed. Good luck there, kiddo.

    And "p" - wow. Lighten up. Beyond the fact that you don't have a shred of evidence to verify your claim, why kill the good vibes of the evening?

    And, if you are going to make such harsh claims, at least have the decency to punctuate properly.

  36. With one hundred percent of 46th Ward precincts reporting Phelan is six votes up on Cappleman.

    Earlier I said if Cappleman wasn't the top vote getter I would disappear from the site until April 1.

    See ya in five weeks, folks.

  37. For the most part I tend to tune out the staunchest supporters and attackers of any candidate. And certain ones on this forum are so ridiculously in the tank and blatant in their approach that it's pretty easy to ignore them.

    Congrats to both James and Molly! I look forward to their debates.

  38. From villification to vindication! My prediction that Phelan would come in first was true, and despite the misplaced insults from IP, I was right. Not that I wanted to be right. My candidate finished third. But, I want it to be known.

  39. don't do it IP -- we need you! (and so does JCapp)

  40. I was happy to see James attack Molly here a few days ago, he let me know who his biggest adversary was. Early on he said he was passionate about mixed income housing coming to Uptown, I crossed him off my list right there and then. I am looking forward to the coming debates and/or forums b/n him and Molly.

  41. I don't believe tonight's votes includes early and provisional voting.

  42. All we can ask of either JC or MP is that they hold true to what they promised and don't fall into the crookedness of Chicago politics.

  43. IP - ya had an OR in there, too ... so, there is some wiggle room for ya.

    Well .. based on reports of your impressive carriage, maybe not too much wiggle room, but surely (possibly) enough. (hint: astroglide)

  44. wow !!! So now we have a person who thinks he has good ideas but with out a plan and a woman who is already corrupt. Phelan cant even publish where the funds went for wilson yard lawsuit. Capelman hasn't lead anything. Yes Schiller had to go, but this isnt going to be a great thing.

    Ask them both how you going to fix the crime problem. They will answer positive loitering and caps meetings.

    People in Uptown should be upset that you voted based on popularity not based on who had the best plan.

    You wont see many people coming out to vote.

  45. oh man,.....I only hope that any Phelan supporter knows that she thinks the office of the 46th can be run on a part-time basis and that she would be using the office as a stepping stone for bigger and better things for herself.

    James will work FULL-TIME, and God willing over time with all the issues needing immediate attention around here. He also isn't looking to use the office as a stepping stone but as a means to have greater leverage in getting real results in the neighborhood. Cleaning up from Shiller will take going above and beyond and since before this election even started getting going, James was the ONLY person out on the streets being an activist for the rest of us. Had anyone even heard of Molly before Fix Wilson Yard because I hadn't. I never once saw her at my block clubs events, or picking up trash with her neighbors, or talking with people during positive loitering, and on and on... Guess what? James was there. He has proven over and over again that he's here for us, whether you own or live in a shelter. I've seen him listen to all of us. It's time we all get behind him and usher in a new era.

    I hope we can all now get over the fun of bashing each other and get the right person in that office. Visit his site, jamesforchange.com, come down to his campaign office on Broadway and help make a difference.

    disclaimer - I am an unpaid volunteer that wants the same thing as everyone else, safe streets, occupied storefronts, a new Wilson stop, and a new face for Uptown

  46. IndianaGirl- what are you talking about? Chanbo - who were you for (w/ the plan)?

  47. Uptownaction
    This is what a block group is for. This doesnt eliminate crime or put business in store fronts.

    I never once saw her at my block clubs events, or picking up trash with her neighbors, or talking with people during positive loitering, and on and on... Guess


    We had a true canidate that know how to fight crime, he knew how to get more cops on the street and knows how to get the crap out of here.

    To bad Carroll wont be in the runoff.


    trust my words in two years all of you wont vote to reelect the alderman.

  48. chanmbo,

    Per FWY money - there's this, in case you missed it.

    And, without getting into specifics, I think what you'll find is a majority of folks in the ward are happy enough with any sort of traction towards positive improvements in the ward which will benefit as many as possible - and not simply select groups.

    James or Molly certainly offer that.

    Additionally, both candidates are fully aware that their constituents are interested and active in the goings on of Uptown, so the expectations for them to be responsive to the ward are high.

    The ramifications for not meeting those expectations, as we've all seen on this site, are brutal.

    Having said that, I'm not sure which, if any candidate, had any sort of concrete plan, whatsoever.

    As for the people of Uptown being upset ... that's either weak tea or sour grapes, my friend.

    50,000+ people in the ward, and barely 11,000 people could be bothered to cast a vote?

    Democracy is a participation sport.

  49. I believe tonight's tally did include early ballots, but not provisional or absentee ballots.

    Therefore based on YO using the word "astroglide" in a sentence in reference to me AND the VINDICATION of SamHam I have decided to call it a statistical tie until further notice. Further notice being sometime after the April runoff.

    Therefore I'm not honoring my so called "commitment". In fact I'm tempted to go back and delete the comment.


    I mean if astroglide is mentioned in reference to me you can't expect me to remain silent. Well maybe you can.

    Anyway, it's been a good night for Uptown. We had many decent candidates to choose from and the two idiots in the group didn't break double digits.

    Although, the bald idiot did show

    COURAJ in nearing double digits.

  50. trust my words in two years all of you wont vote to reelect the alderman.

    Ya couldn't be more right about that.

    But hey, Carroll's a good guy in my book, and (for various reasons) I could have easily seen him taking the job.

    Not enough people agreed with you, though.


  51. Uptown Action,

    Not only did I see Molly at my block club meetings, she was on the board. I attended many neighborhood events with her, including walking beside her as she picked up trash in the neighborhood--all before Fix Wilson Yard. I saw her personally sign the lawsuit to stop the Labor Ready office at the far northern end of the ward, and attended a poistive loitering event that she attended.

    Just because you didn't see her doesn't mean she hasn't been out there.

    Both Molly and James have many great qualities, and we are lucky to be in the position of chosing between the two.

    It would be refreshing to keep focused on the positive attributes of both.

  52. SamHam,

    Where did you predict Phelan would get more votes AND under which identity did you use while doing it?

    Man, you have more screen names than Sarah Palin. I figured you were posting under various ID's.

    You said this in 2007 on Gapers Block:

    SamHam / March 11, 2007 2:34 PM

    On the 46th Ward. Let me start off by saying that I love Helen Shiller and think she is one of the best alderman ever in this city. That said, I think it is clear that the results say a lot about her. I find it very hard to believe that someone as incoherent and bland as Cappleman actually got any votes for him. Cappleman ran an implicitly racist campaign that included a piece of literature asking voters to "fear your 46th ward neighbor", and still got 47 percent of the vote. The only explanation is that a very large percentage of the ward really does have a probem with Helen Shiller.

  53. The bald idiot did show, gotta give him credit for that.

    Oh, and credit for him bringing Target to the ward.

    Thanks, buddy!

    Of course, I will be looking forward to the COURAJ site being updated every once in a while and possibly a resurgence of COPWATCH.

    Both would be ripe with playful silliness.

    But ... if you ever mention Kaplan and astroglide in the same post again, you and I are gonna' have to have some words.

  54. A resounding defeat for the Shilleristas! Hopefully it won't take us twenty years to clean up the mess that they left behind.

  55. 46th Ward Municipal Election
    February 2007:
    11,274 total votes cast

    46th Ward Municipal Election
    February 2011 election:
    13,807 total votes cast

    So much for voter apathy.

  56. I've been looking at the numbers by precinct.

    Phelan did relatively well in the far NW corner of the ward and Lakeview.

    Cappleman did relatively well in the Sheridan Park section of the ward, particularly in the areas without any high density low income housing.

    Where Nowotny performed better than his average Cappleman generally underperformed. Surprisingly, Cappleman did better than Phelan in the precincts closest to Wilson Yard.

    The JPUSA precinct and nearby went heavily for Stewart and Kaplan.

    Nowotny only got about 20 percent in his home precinct which I believe is only Imperial Towers.

    It will be interesting to watch the next few weeks to see where the endorsements go. I think the tag team Sun Times/Tribune endorsements helped Emily mount a real campaign and she overperformed in the precincts with a great deal of low income housing.

    My prediction:

    Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gents it's gonna be fun to watch.

  57. I am pretty sure someone is cringing in her Andersonville home this AM! BUH BYE!!

  58. @ Yo that is great Fix Wilson Yard had documents of where they paid expenses. However how about a balance sheet that says how much was collected and what the ending balance is? Maybe Fix wilson Yard help fund the campaign.

    As for some of you, who cares if they walk in your neighborhood and pick up trash. What the heck does that mean? How is that going to bring business to town or most importantly eliminate crime.

    As for the low turn out its really sad. However I am sure people who didn't vote will sit back and complain later.

    I will agree that any improvement is a step in the right direction, just not sure either one of these canidates is going to make any traction at all.

  59. Actually IP, Imperial Towers is Precinct 1; Don's in Precinct 33. Don's best results were in a Lakeview precinct, 31. I was disappointed with the 1st precinct's (mine) results.

  60. It's a virtual tie between the remaining 2 candidates, but the real story is who the other candidates will throw their support behind now that they're out of the race. I hear one of the runoff candidates upset quite a few of the losing candidates in this race up until the very end. Dumb de dumb dum.

  61. A couple of observations (and I apologize if my early morning math is fuzzy, but there was some celebrating late last night . . .)

    1. James' and Molly's vote totals comfortably exceeded the combined totals of Emily, Don and Kaplan, so the expectation that the ward is nearly evenly divided between the Helen supporters and the Helen detractors (as in 2007) is toast.

    2. But, if all or most of the social justice Kaplan supporters had voted for Emily instead, she'd be in the runoff. Thanks Marc!

    3. There will never again be a large influx of potential Helen voters into the ward. Wilson Yard was the last attempt to pack the ward with the underprivileged, and it wasn't enough. Most new residents over the next 4 years (whether they are home purchasers or young renters) will not seek leadership from those who want to build poverty plantations.

    The Age of Helen is over, and their are no heirs to her tarnished crown.

  62. does anyone know when the runnoff happens?

  63. How many votes did Sandy Reed get?

  64. But if Emily, Don and Kaplan had joined forces to bring forth one united candidate to the ballot, we'd be in biiiig trouble this morning!

    Curious: there were 13,807 total votes cast - how many registered voters are in the 46th ward? Wondering if Uptown's turnout was lower than the citywide average.

  65. Chanmbo -

    As for some of you, who cares if they walk in your neighborhood and pick up trash. What the heck does that mean?

    Apparently, you care or you wouldn't have said this:

    I never once saw her at my block clubs events, or picking up trash with her neighbor

    As to what it means, in particular ... that's up to people decide what it means to them.

    In general, though - what it does means is that both candidates demonstrated a willingness to expend considerably more sweat equity than did the current office holder.

    Much like when Mike fired up the snow shoveling crew (which was a fantastic thing for him to do).

    Within an election where a good number of people are looking for change, candidates getting into the community, rolling up their sleeves and interacting with people in the ward is refreshing.

    As for FWY finances, I was satisfied with the info Molly provided; but, if you or anyone else weren't, then bring that question to a debate, or ask her directly.

    I can't speak to any of the issues related to Molly's ambition or tactics; but, I've known her for quite some time and (on a personal level) have never known her to be anything other than forthcoming.

    Same with James.

    If you don't like Molly, vote for James. If you don't like James, vote for Molly.

    Those are the options.

    Maybe Mike will help you decide by stating his preference.

  66. After living in the ward for 20+ years...this is a good day. I will be happy with either James or Molly leading this ward to the better place it deserves.

    Smiling as I welcom in a brand new day!

  67. how many registered voters are in the 46th ward?


    14,497 voted yesterday.

    Turn-out: 47.81%

  68. @ Chanmbo

    Let me help you expand your thinking for a moment here, bear with me...

    For an activist, candidate or even elected official to go out and pick up trash with his/her neighbors does not just mean to pick up a few bottles or Flamming Hot Cheetos bags, it means you're also getting to know who lives around you, which is relationship building.

    What happens when you know a lot of people? You have a better idea about what is going on and can therefore be more effectively involved BECAUSE you know what's going on.

    When your involved and know what's going on, you can solve problems better. Solve problems (i.e. the appearance of the neighborhood, the gangs and drug sales, public drinking and loitering) and low and behold, business's begin to see attractive markets for themselves, move in and fill our empty storefronts.

    See, things have a ripple effect. If more of us could understand that, more of us might join a block club, pick up trash with neighbors, get involved, talk with people, volunteer and help bring change to the 46th faster than the current snail's pace.

    Voting and complaining on UU can hardly be thought of as doing "something". Sure voting is good, but I wouldn't pat yourself on the back and think your making a real difference if that's all you can bring yourself to do.

    Hope that helps

  69. chanmbo,

    You sound like a little baby. So if your candidate knows how to solve the crime problems he is now going to keep it to himself to punish us? Come on.

  70. I thought Don lives at Imperial Towers. I guess he lives down the street. Oh well, there goes my incisive 2am political analysis.

    It will be interesting to see not only who the losing candidates endorse, but who area elected officials endorse or if they keep quiet.

    Tunney,Harris, etc. Bueller?

    Where will Charlotte Newfeld take her Lakeview militia? Obviously Don was more Yanni than ponytailed biker vote warrior.

    My good hirsute friends at JPUSA have to make some voting decisions. Which candidate do they dislike more? Which candidate may come to some accommodation with them?

    Generally, looking at the vote totals I'd say things look promising for Cappleman, but it's a whole new race. Molly will probably continue to draw big money.

    The candidates now have a 14,000 voter name list they can concentrate their efforts on. You won't get many people voting in April who didn't vote yesterday. In fact we can probably expect a big drop off in the number of voters. 9000-10,000 total?

    Who will Rahm support? Some of the big money donors Molly got cash from also supported Rahm. However, Cappleman will likely have some gay establishment support that Rahm will want to cater to.

    Who will the newspapers endorse? I could see a split there and I think Emily proved newspaper endorsements are worth more than a few votes. Baskin proved that money can allow someone to come from nowhere and get some votes too.

    My prediction for who will win?

    Ask JP Paulus. He predicted that Don would get 30 percent of the vote. See who JP picks and then bet on the other candidate.

  71. The Early and Often take on the 46th Ward race:

    In the 46th Ward, social worker James Cappleman and attorney Molly Phelan will face off in the runoff election to decide who will replace retiring Ald. Helen Shiller. Both candidates have been vocal critics of Shiller and her plans for the ward. Cappleman ran against Shiller in 2007 and lost by six percentage points, and Phelan helped organized the community group Fix Wilson Yard that targeted the use of tax increment financing to build a Target store and affordable housing units in Uptown.

    Phelan held a lively election night party at the Kit Kat Lounge in Lakeview, where the club’s red pastie-clad dancer strutted amid disco balls and pounding music. Phelan said she thinks she will win the runoff election on the strength of her plan to make the 46th Ward “the live entertainment capitol of the Midwest. We have the bones for it: the Aragon, the Riviera, the Green Mill,” she said, citing venerable entertainment venues in the ward. “But we also need to preserve the diversity which is what makes this neighborhood so attractive.” Phelan added that she loves the Kit Kat Lounge because “it embodies Uptown–people from all walks of life come here.”
    Phelan said she believes her success in Tuesday’s citywide election rested with her appeal across the ward’s broad economic spectrum.

    Cappleman on Tuesday night said he, too, will focus on attracting support from the different racial and economic groups in the ward.
    “I know residents from all economic and ethnic backgrounds were excited about working with me in this race,” Cappleman said.

    Red pasty clad dancer? Was this pasty clad dancer of the feminine gender? If so I shoulda got my butt outta da house and over to the Phelan soiree.

  72. Phelan added that she loves the Kit Kat Lounge because “it embodies Uptown–people from all walks of life come here.”

    have to giggle at this one because Phelan held a lively election night party at the Kit Kat Lounge in Lakeview , the safe part of the ward!

    don't get me wrong - i love Kit Kat. i also love that Gran Pappy has appeared in the comments!!

  73. For number wonks, here is a google spreadsheet with the breakdown that you can copy/paste into excel for further analysis:


    Here is a 46th ward precinct map:


    Original data here:

    Summary: http://www.chicagoelections.com/wdlevel3.asp?elec_code=25
    Precinct: http://www.chicagoelections.com/pctlevel3.asp?Ward=46&elec_code=25&race_number=58

    @ IP:

    >> My good hirsute friends at JPUSA have to make some voting decisions. Which candidate do they dislike more? Which candidate may come to some accommodation with them?

    Hearing some early talk about Molly being better-suited here, which suprised me quite a bit. Wonder if the cappleman-is-the-devil firebombing from 2007 clouds this. And, although the "regulate the homeless shelters" thing probably scares folks a bit, the proposal is pretty tame and, at heart, is about helping improve the quality at the worst shelters rather than shutting 'em down.

    A good set of choices for us in the 46th; at the very least it can't (or I hope it can't) turn into the typical, divisive 46th class warfare shouting match we've been accustomed to. The two-person debates should also be far better in the next six weeks to get some differentiation here. The 11 candidate forums were nearly useless, except to exclude some of the longshots.

  74. Are the Aragon and Green Mill even in the 46th Ward?

  75. CLC - Aragon is in the 46th, Green Mill in the 48th.

  76. Meg,

    Yes I am here and now permanently crotchety.

  77. Hey Grand Pappy I am not a baby. Just like everyone else posting their positive thoughts. I have the right to state, why I dislike the results. As for the comments of somebody going out and picking up trash as a great way to assist. How about spending time with LEO and understanding the real issue.
    Yo Phelan has been asked mutliple times to produce the income and expense statement. She refuses to publish or hand out. Do you really want an alderman who is shady? I think we already have one of those in place now.

    As for Carroll helping me make a decision. At this point I will probably be like most people and refuse to vote.

    Phelan and Cappelman are both full of hot air with no real plan. They are going to use two things. Cappelman will use the gay community, who want to elect one of their own with out looking at the issues or plan.

    Phelan will steam roll with cash that comes from all over with out documentation of where it comes from.

  78. chanmbo - "Cappelman will use the gay community, who want to elect one of their own with out looking at the issues or plan."

    Real nice way to make a generalizations about how the gay community votes. You have no clue.

    Not cool at all.

  79. Man, is Chanmbo channeling his inner Mooshie?

    Your candidate lost. It happens.

    He's a decent guy, but he was lost in a sea of candidates.

    I didn't vote for the nine fingered wonder for Mayor. I'll get over the results.

    There is an old Irish Proverb which was probably stolen from some other group that goes:

    Lie Down and Bleed Awhile.
    Then Rise and Fight Again.

    So either lie down or rise, but take your diaper wearing whiny self somewhere else. Life is as much about loss as it's about winning. Hell, it's more about loss than winning.

    Angelina Jolie left Billy Bob Thornton for me. I was happy. Then she left me for Brad "Arm" Pitt.

    Did I complain? Yes, but then I went on to Meghan Fox.

    If you choose not to vote then don't vote. If you want to move out of the ward because your candidate lost then move.

    Come April we will have a new aldercritter whether you choose to vote or not.

  80. Chanmbo:

    Gay here...and did not vote for one of the gay candidates in this race. Neither did most of my gay friends in the ward.

    You ave no idea what you are talking about.

  81. I'm sorry to hear you're so close minded chanmbo. Whilest I definitely have a preference between the two remaining candidates, one of whom most definitely has a plan had you been willing to listen, either have a more open approach to the neighborhood than is currently the case.

  82. I should add that I take personal offense at your "gay community" comment.

  83. For those of us new (3-4 years) to Uptown, can somebody clue me in on the fine JPUSA?

    Also, I was poking around on the Board of Elections website and took a look at the 2003 Municipal Elections - whatever happened to Sandra Reed? Is she still around?

  84. As I posted but for some reason it did make it.

    I am not saying anything about Cappelman being GAY, however why in all of his ads etc does it need to be mentioned. This shouldnt be brought into the race at all. Any of the canidates sexual orientation is irrelavant.

    If HE is elected and has same results as Tuney Great, but with lack of experience of every running anything. This will be tough.

    I am also stating that alot of people across the city voted based on popularity and not who had the best plan.

    I would love to sell my condo and move out of the area, however I am stuck, because our market values are terrible and will continue.

    However both of these candidates dont have a plan. Again Phelan hasnt shown where the funds came from and what the balance sheet is.

    The best thing which we all can agree on is anything is better than Schiller we hope.

    I challenge someone to post both canidates plan for
    1) crime
    2) New Business in the area

    If you go to their websites, they have no plans.

    We all know that more cops and business are needed, but how are they going to get them into Uptown.

  85. @ chanmbo What does refusing to vote do? How does this help solve any of the ward issues?

  86. @ chanmbo:

    >> @ Yo that is great Fix Wilson Yard had documents of where they paid expenses. However how about a balance sheet that says how much was collected and what the ending balance is? Maybe Fix wilson Yard help fund the campaign.

    >>Yo Phelan has been asked mutliple times to produce the income and expense statement. She refuses to publish or hand out.

    See my post here (14th comment) for the revenue side:


    If you want to complain about the undocumented $11k, great... but it's small potatoes relative to the big donors that were giving money to her campaign.

  87. @ CTA:

    >> For those of us new (3-4 years) to Uptown, can somebody clue me in on the fine JPUSA?

    JPUSA stands for Jesus People USA; they are a longtime Christian commune in the Friendly Towers on Wilson just east of Sheridan. Interesting hippie/religious/artist mix of folks living in community; they offer various services like a retirement home, a shelter, various businesses, etc.

    In UU comments, the phrase "JPUSA-types" would tend to paint a broad brush on residents focused on the poor/outcast/homeless/mentally-ill/etc. There are no end of social services in our 'hood, but JPUSA just tends to be one of the code words to speak to those services.

    Personally, I've met plenty of JPUSA folks and never had a bad experience with any of 'em. The tension you're seeing in the comments is that they tended to support Shiller, who is clearly anathema in these comments (and, likely, Kaplan and Stewart in this election). So, when you have James and Molly, neither of whom fit the Shiller persona, the question is where these politically-minded social services will turn. It could easily swing the run-off in one direction or another.

    >> Also, I was poking around on the Board of Elections website and took a look at the 2003 Municipal Elections - whatever happened to Sandra Reed? Is she still around?

    Bizarrely, she was a write-in candidate for this election.

  88. Chanbo,

    which of Cappleman's "ads" mentions his being gay?

    I missed that one. I'm looking through his mailers now and I don't see any mention.

    Paging Dr Freud.......Paging Dr Freud.

    Now his website does mention his longtime partner Richard Thale.

    Now people mention him being gay here quite alot in terms of "gay voting blocs" etc etc. Outside that I find his sexuality largely irrelevant. Where's it's relevant is how it informs his worldview based on his own experience with discrimination etc.

    I don't believe that "bloc" voting is a good thing. In 2004 I had relatives who were amazed I was voting for the Hawaii raised black guy over Irish Dan Hynes. Whatever happened to that guy anyway? I mean Hynes, silly.

    Now one Phelan volunteer who came to my door appeared to me to be a gay male. Did he miss the gay memo saying he must support Cappleman?

    I'm straight and of marginal Irish descent. Does that mean I have to vote for Phelan?

    I hope people look at both candidates. Overall, they are both good people.

    I intend to vote for Cappleman. Better people than me will vote for Phelan. Some worse people will vote for Phelan or Cappleman too.

    Educate yourself, make a decision and vote. Or don't. You can just whine here for the next six weeks about how your candidate lost and we're all doomed.

  89. I am not saying anything about Cappelman being GAY, however why in all of his ads etc does it need to be mentioned. This shouldnt be brought into the race at all. Any of the canidates sexual orientation is irrelavant. -chanmbo

    Uh, chanmbo, Cappleman had a ton of lit and I don't recall him ever mentioning his sexual orientation in any of them. He's never hidden it, but he's never made a big deal of it either. Same was true with Don and Emily. Just like the other candidates talked about their spouses, Cappleman would do the same on occasion.

    Could you get more specific about the particular campaign piece you saw? I know you don't want to be someone who states rumors with nothing to back it up, right?

  90. 14,325 people from the 46th voted for Mayor.

    13,807 for aldercritter.

    14,497 total voted per Yo and one obscure link I found.

    Then you look at the Clerk/Treasurer races and the number drops by thousands.

    I'm unsure if these numbers count the absentee or provisional ballots.

    We should get the official results in 2-3 weeks per the board of elections website.

    I'm interested in how many write in votes Sandra Reed got.

  91. Me too IP! I bet she got a decent #.

  92. A few observations from the “victory parties” of 46th Ward candidates – Mary Anne “Molly” Phelan and James Cappleman.

    I’m not sure how many, if any, others attended both events, but I am glad that I did. Both candidates worked hard and represent the promise of progress from the ward’s last 22 years of polarized politics. Below are my observations from both Phelan’s and Cappleman’s victory celebrations:

    The venue of the Kit Kat Club on Halsted & Waveland seemed a bit of an odd choice for Phelan’s party as it was on the southern edge of the ward and relatively far from her campaign office and her home. There was also a bit of irony in Cappleman’s victory event being held at Nick’s at 4021 N. Sheridan. Nick’s was the venue last fall for Molly’s campaign kick-off announcement. Molly’s speech on that night was one of the most nervous and least charismatic I have heard at such an event. Her ability to deliver her ideas, thankfully, improved drastically and surprisingly quickly during the campaign.

    At the Kit Kat Club, no one was stationed to greet supporters at the door, or to sign them up for future volunteer efforts (are non-paid, grassroots volunteers part of Phelan’s run-off strategy?). I noticed few, if any, Phelan buttons on patrons at Kit Kat and surprisingly sparse “Molly” signage around the club. In fact, the customers in the bar/restaurant’s main areas seemed blissfully disinterested in politics. They appeared to have come there to socialize and drink with friends, not to celebrate anyone’s political victory.

    In the back room where the core band of Phelan fans hung out, there was almost a Frat-party atmosphere – patrons were noticeably more inebriated than those at Cappleman’s Nick’s event, but to be fair, Halsted Street on a cold winter night may encourage tossing back more than a few cocktails. The event at Kit Kat seemed not to be even attempting to be a representation of 46th Ward diversity. Attendees did not particularly look like Uptown, or like any gathering north of Irving Park Road. Average age at the Phelan event was definitely under 35.

    Channel Two News pulled up and interviewed Molly outside the club. On Molly’s way out of the bar’s front door to be interviewed, she passed a 6’4” Kit Kat drag performer in stiletto heels. It was at this moment that I remembered one of Chicago’s most beloved gay club personas from the 1970s/80s, who called himself “Chicago Molly.” Some of us still miss the sweet kindness that Chicago Molly showed customers at the old Nutbush/City Limits club in Forest Park where he tended bar.

    The contrasts struck me as stark: the current Molly Phelan is so unlike the shy and sweet Chicago Molly of yore and quite a visual contrast to the Kit Kat’s 6’4” drag performer. Phelan punctuated the contrast when, on her way out the door to face the television cameras, she perched her eyeglasses on top of her head (apparently a trademarked shtick that is supposed to say I am substantive and always ready to read a book, or a contract). The look, probably unintentionally, channeled Sarah Palin, or a generic librarian ready to pop out of a cake and unpin her hair at the Frat party in the Kit Kat’s back room.

    The crowd at Cappleman’s event was noticeably more diverse in age, gender, marital status and complexion. Entrants to Nick’s were greeted and given a name tag to encourage easier mingling and conversation. The Nick’s event seemed more of a gathering of real neighborhood friends from across the ward. Supporters were encouraged to sign-in and volunteer for run-off election efforts. The overall atmosphere at the Cappleman event at Nick’s was fun, but less bacchanalian than Phelan’s. Volunteers informed supporters arriving at the party that a Cappleman donor had offered a $1,000 fundraising matching challenge for the evening – the payoff for the supporters who helped to achieve that goal came later when campaign manager Lauren Peters uncharacteristically modeled a pink dress to great applause.

  93. I voted for Michael Carroll because I thought his experience as a police officer made him the best candidate to address crime in Uptown. Michael lost last night. I am disappointed.

    I will vote in April though. Probably for James Cappleman. I want someone who is going to concentrate on the problems of the ward and not look to higher political office. I also want someone whose base of support is from Uptown and not downtown real estate interests.

    I hope Michael Carroll endorses Cappleman as I think each of the losing candidates should at least endorse Either Cappelman or Phelan. Whether Cappleman or Ms Phelan we have a choice in April. I do not see not voting as a legitimate choice.

    People are being mowed down by aircraft in the Arab world for protesting for the right to self governance and we can not even find the time or energy to vote?

    They wish they had our problems.

  94. Chanbo,

    I am straight and I am offended. Your arguments are child-like.

    Because I am a straight white male, do I have to vote for Carroll?

  95. Ken on Kenmore, excellent perspective. I agree with you 100%.

  96. @ Meg: I second your sentiments toward Ken on Kenmore's comments.

    @ Ken on Kenmore: I'll add that *because* of all the cash Molly raked in from outside of the ward, I get a strong whiff of Chicago Machine political backing--which decidely turns me off. If it was between Molly and anyone other than Cappleman, I'd be supporting Molly...but I don't like how she has failed to step up to the plate to explain what happened regarding all the mailings with her name that didn't I.D. who paid for them (her campaign? Michael Madigan? Yellow Dog Democrat? Who??), I don't like how she hasn't taken responsibility for Yellow Dog Dem's intimidation incident, and I definitely don't like how I contributed to "Fix Wilson Yard" and magically had my name, address, and e-mail address suddenly get transferred from FWY to the Molly Phelan campaign. That was never part of the deal, and if I'd known that my personal information given as a charitable contribution was going to be farmed out for the sole purpose of jumpstarting a political campaign for a second-rate attorney, I'd never have given to FWY.

    I guess what I'm saying is that Molly gives the appearance of being non-chalant about ethics...and for once, I want to be able to vote FOR someone who is honest, hardworking, and upstanding, instead of having to vote for the least of all evils.

  97. "I definitely don't like how I contributed to "Fix Wilson Yard" and magically had my name, address, and e-mail address suddenly get transferred from FWY to the Molly Phelan campaign."

    Could be worse. At least FWY was ward/neighborhood related. I hired her to do our condo association property tax appeal (we are now in the 40th Ward) and still ended up on her campaign list.

    Plus, her communication during the process was absolutely horrible.

    She DID succeed at the job for which we hired her, eventually, but man, it was incredibly frustrating.

  98. As a lawyer, I could have predicted that a mile away, but I appreciate your first hand account, Hal.

    There have been a lot of articles about the groups of lawyers who are cozy with the Board of Review and basically just have to file something to get taxes reduced. If you hire an independent lawyer though, you may or may not be so lucky.

  99. Strange thing about Molly's campaign mailing. My mom - who lives over an hour south of Chicago - received a campaign flyer from Molly. Really weird. Perhaps my name is still linked to my mom's address, but didn't anyone care to proof the mailing list?

  100. Miss Kitty - Phelan's camp sent mailers to my mother, who lives in another state. They also called her repeatedly and every call she asked to have that info removed to no avail.

    Stranger still, I called the campaign office directly to have the issue fixed and they had my correct information on file. Yet, I never saw a single Phelan mailer.

    Waste of money.

  101. K - another state? Geez! Forgot to mention, they also called my mom several times as well. Me? I live in the ward and never received a call from her campaign.

  102. Daniel R your observations regarding the differences between Phelan and Cappleman supporters also occurred to me during the campaign. At least on election day looking at their volunteers and pollwatchers.

    I did not go to any post election gatherings as I had been hopeful Michael Carroll might made the runoff. I really thought their would be a group of candidates clustered around thirteen to sixteen percent fighting for the second spot.

    In any case Phelans campaign should be placed in the next 'things white people like' book'. Maybe things young white straight fraternity clowns like from your description of the Kit Kat party.

    I think much of her direct election day support came from friends from outside the ward and paid help sent by her downtown supporters.

    If she is going to win this April she will have to reach out to a more diverse group. The under 40 straight unmarried white group she appeals to is a small percentage of the ward and being relatively younger are less likely to vote. It might interfere with a keger party they have planned.

    Someone said they saw her yesterday at the Wilson yard CTA station so she is making an attempt.

  103. Wow, not much about the 48th Ward, the ward that actually houses the Uptown Theatre, the defunct Borders, and everything else (mostly) between Lawrence and Foster. We're in Uptown, too

  104. OK, have to say it.... whenever I have stopped by Molly's campaign office there is an incredibly diverse group of people in there.

    I wish I had gone to both parties. My strategy was to start south and work my way back north, but after a couple cocktails I just headed home. It was a school night after all.

    I will say that I didn't really like Kit-Kat lounge, not my scene. I rather be hanging out in an alley with IP drinking some Boone's.

    All in all, it was a great night for the 46th ward, no matter what happens.

  105. Dop, I think if there'd been more of a competitive election in the 48th, there would have been a lot more coverage. 81% of the vote is lovely for Harry, but not such a compelling story as 11 candidates and a write-in.

  106. Gran-Pappy said...
    "...I rather be hanging out in an alley with IP drinking some Boone's."

    February 24, 2011 5:31 PM


    I believe Mr Pirate may have graduated from drinking in the alley to swilling at his "secret lair under the Pullman Tomb at Graceland Cemetery."

    Just sayin...

  107. The way a candidate runs his/her campaign, and the type of people s/he surrounds him/herself with in campaign staff is really the only measure we have for how a candidate will conduct him/herself in office (including ward service offices) if s/he is elected. Let's see...we have a campaign that has no problems stealing contact information from a non-for-profit's donor list...that can't put on their campaign flyers and mailings what person or organization PAID for the mailings...that employs an outsider who "ghost posts" in the neighborhood blog and attempts to intimidate people harmlessly going about their own business...that sends mailings to people waaaaay downstate or out-of-state, DOESN'T send mailings to people in the Ward, and can't manage to do corrections to its hijacked mailing list...gets most of its donations from politically-connected interests who have no connections to the Ward...etc. etc.

    Sounds like someone doesn't care too much about how s/he and his/her administrative skills are perceived....

  108. "that employs an outsider who "ghost posts" in the neighborhood blog."

    Ghost posts?

  109. Given that one particular candidate burned so many bridges with most of the other candidates by ignoring rules and using intimidating tactics, I wonder who the other candidates will throw their support behind in the runoff?

  110. It's now a tie between Cappleman and Phelan per the Board of Elections website.

    Total vote for Alderman:


    Total Vote for Phelan 2721

    Total Vote for Cappleman 2721


    Search for yourselves.

  111. Molly did already announce that she came in first... Tied for first. I can't believe its a tie! That should make the news!

  112. I don't know if that's the final vote tally. I'm not sure if they were absentee or provisional ballots.

    Perhaps both.

    This is so amusing it needs it's own topic.

    Since this is now IrishPirate Uptown Update let it be written, let it be done.

  113. Let's take a UU poll ... since most people on here are anonymous, let's see where Cappleman and Phalen stand with the UU bloggers.

    One vote per blogger ...

  114. One vote..........snicker.

    Do you remember the "Curbed Cup" where Uptown came out in first?

    One vote is simply UnChicagoan.

    We'll see on election day.

  115. IP, we're starting to think alike.

    This terrifies me.