Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Victim's Name Released, One Held After Shooting

Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that Cook County Medical Examiner’s office has identified Brian Green as dead on the scene at yesterday's shooting near Magnolia and Montrose.

Also, "as of early Thursday, a 27-year-old man is in police custody for the slaying, but he has not been charged, according to police."

If you have any further details, please share in the comments.


  1. Anybody else notice that murder is apparently up 400% from 2009 to 2010 where the murder took place.

  2. Was this a gang shooting? I'm being serious, but that may be a stupid question.

  3. Bad way to start the year.

    We're buying a place in uptown (closing date pending) on Leland and Sheridan.

    I read this blog to get the scoop on what will be my new stomping grounds. I think overall, it is a safe neighborhood. and I hope it's not just wishful thinking.

  4. Raf,

    Just be willing to be part of the solution to Uptown's crime and safety issues.

    Welcome! I think you will find the sense of community in Uptown unlike other areas of the city, but unfortunately the crime might be one of the reasons we all bond together.

  5. Welcome Raf! You're going to be a neighbor, welcome to the neighborhood :)

    I think you'll like it. And we'll like having you - an informed citizen - here to be part of the solution like Stash said!

  6. leland and Sheridan? If you like your drugs fresh and your mentally ill crazy, you will be quite happy there.

  7. What is the attraction to that location. Iv'e seen someone getting beat up there and yelled out at the guys they took off, and someone else was killed a few months ago across from the Starbucks.

    Why is this such a center of activity?

  8. Raf

    Leland/Sheridan is not a "hot spot", it's a nice block sandwhiched between seedy bread (Lawrence/Sheridan).
    Welcome to the neighborhood, like most places it is what you make of it.

  9. Raf, Welcome to Uptown! Crime is dynamic, not static. Criminals moves away from area where positive events are happening and vice versa. Be part of the solution. I have been living in Uptown since I graduated from Purdue back in 89 and I drive/walk pass Leland/Sheridan daily and it is pretty safe. Don't let your guard down though.


    No hyperlink.

    He is unworthy.

    Congrats to the po po for making a really freaking(I want to use another word) good arrest.