Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reminder: Budget Town Hall Tonight In Uptown

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Just a reminder: Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer created a “Citizens Guide to the Cook County Budget” to provide a road map for taxpayers to the $3.5 Billion dollar annual County budget. After consistently hearing from her constituents, local neighborhood groups and Chambers that good information on the County budget was impossible to find, Commissioner Gainer organized a presentation that breaks down the $3.5 Billion dollar budget into information people really need: where does the money come from, where does it go, and who makes the decisions about how to spend it. Free parking at the site.


  1. So I assume that since this is the county budget and not the city budget, the subject of TIF's would be inappropriate at this meeting. Correct? Yes/No?

  2. The correct answer would be inappropriate.

    With that said the Cook County affairs are still important and have a full menu of issues.

    Your welcome to come to our forum tonight on Malden St., we have the first candidate tonight at 6pm.

    I am sure the issue your referring to will come up at some point although it is not completely up to has more to do with who actually shows up.



  3. I beg to differ... Cook co does have a TIF issue. It's not as glaring as the city's; it's smaller than the city's, but county taxes are being diverted for TIFs too.

  4. Don't property tax payments flow through the Cook County clerk's office?

    If you want to talk about TIFs, I say: have at it.