Sunday, January 30, 2011

Objects In This Mirror May Be Lower Forms Of Life Than They Appear

If you parked on the 4600 blocks of Winthrop or Kenmore last night, better go check your car.  Two readers separately observed two men walking down the street smashing passenger side mirrors and windows.  "Just wanted to let fellow Uptowners know that as I was coming home from work tonight, at about 4:15am, I saw two men making their way up Kenmore on the block just north of Wilson, smashing the windows and mirrors of cars along their way. I couldn't tell if they were stealing anything, but I definitely called 911. Just thought it could be helpful to remind people via the blog about leaving valuables in cars, etc."

With at least two calls to 911, we hope these miscreants were arrested.  If a broken mirror means seven years bad luck, we hope it all catches up with them karmically, as well as legally.


  1. Too bad. The cost is very high as they only sell the complete unit that runs into the hundreds. If you use your insurance then your rates jump up. I hope these punks are caught and justice is served.

  2. You don't have to have valuables in your car for that to happen to you, as the mirror breaking happened to my car.Fortunately it's repairable-I think.

  3. Fearless44 - that sucks! I'm sorry that happened to you. Everyone keep your eyes open for these punks.

  4. The passenger mirror on my boyfriend's Audi was also broken, but he was parked on Lawrence in between Magnolia and Broadway. We assumed it was a durnk concert-goer, as Guster played the evening it happened. Regardless, sounds like these guys are the culprit. This is a $500 mirror, so no cheap fix. To top it off, he just put $2500+ into his vehicle a few weeks ago, so this is quite the blow.

    Would anyone recommend filing a police report? Could it do any good?