Thursday, January 6, 2011

Molly Phelan Opens Campaign HQ

A reader sent in this photo of Molly Phelan's new campaign office, located on the corner of Broadway and Clifton in the newly restored building there. We know that James Cappleman, Michael Carroll, Andy Lam and Don Nowotny have all opened campaign offices in formerly empty storefronts... any other offices that we're not aware of from the other candidates?


  1. Emily Stewart is down in the Lakeview section of our lovely ward.

    "Come Visit Our Office @ 3756 N. Broadway" sayz her website.

    Interesting choice for her since she is from the northern part of the ward.

    I've seen her signs out and about almost exclusively in the northern parts of our safe and lovely ward.

    At the very least the election is pumping some temporary dollars into the local economy.

  2. Molly was out distributing campaign leaflets at the Wilson el stop this morning, around 8, bundled up much better than I was. Cold morning for campaigning.

  3. Agreed, it's nice to see some of these spaced finally filled, as temporary as it may be. Now I just need a candidate to set up shop in the abandoned KFC and the neighborhood would start to sparkle :)