Monday, January 17, 2011

The Dilemma With Uptown

Photo used with the permission of
"Before The Trailer"
Last year, Ron Howard et al. were filming all over Uptown, from The Cupcake Gallery to Argyle Street. Here's an article in the Loyola Student Dispatch that's a crib sheet to its Chicago locations, and where to look for them in the movie. The Dilemma may not be getting the best reviews, but we'll always be grateful to it for rehabbing the outside of the Red Rooster, if nothing else.

If you're interested in seeing posts from the filming, search for "Vince Vaughn" or "Cheaters" in the box on the right-hand sidebar.

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  1. They rehabbed the outside, but completely tore out the inside... Not sure if there was a bar in there before, but it might make it harder to reuse as a bar again.