Friday, January 14, 2011

Did You Lose This?

Given the fears we had when several politicians' and candidates' offices had their windows smashed last November, we had to laugh when we saw this in the (repaired) window of James Cappleman's aldermanic office this week:


  1. I thoght someone was already locked up for this? If so wouldnt they know who lost it?

  2. Robert,

    now I know why you support Mike Carroll.

    You have no sense of humor.

    The cops did arrest someone for throwing bricks at various offices. To include Mike Carroll's I believe.

    Run of the mill "funny in the head" type of guy.

  3. LOL! A sense of humor goes a long way in my book. With voting just around the corner, if Cappleman has a convincing crime agenda, that will help me decide who to vote for.

    You know, I recall seeing him at almost all of the CAPs meetings I have been to over the past year. He didn't always have something to say but it was nice to see he had the time.

  4. I think I've seen James Cappleman and/or his partner Richard at every community event I've ever been at or witnessed. That's very impressive to me. I also found very little fault with his platform the last election cycle. He's got my vote unless Molly Phelan can talk me out of it...